HP still dominates as Windows PC OEM, Surface Pro 4 most popular from Microsoft
Meanwhile, the Surface Pro (2017) is getting adopted at a nice clip while the Surface Laptop is just starting to creak through the floorboards.
Surface Pro 3 charging issues with LG Chem battery
Another battery issue for the Surface Pro 3, though this time, we are dealing with a different components supplier: LG Chem.
Latest firmware update should neatly take care of those pesky Surface Pro 3 battery glitches
Microsoft needed way more time to admit there was something seriously wrong with the Surface Pro 3 than to actually fix the firmware mishap.
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Microsoft releases plans for Surface Pro 3 3-in-1 dock you can 3D-print and assemble yourself
Microsoft has just released some DIY Surface Pro 3 3-in-1 dock plans to build your own desktop mount for the tablet.
Microsoft sends out firmware updates for Surface 3 and Pro 3
The latest Microsoft release is a firmware update for both the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3, with a variety of changes to ensure the longevity of each.
Microsoft puts Surface Pro 3 models on sale, deep discounts available
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With Microsoft’s best hardware to date out there, we have 5 fun things to do with your Surface Pro 3. Spoiler alert, a lot of them involve the stylus.
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A Surface Pro 3 kickstand should be on every tablet produced from now on. Its utility is huge when it comes to consuming content which is what tablets do.
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