HP still dominates as Windows PC OEM, Surface Pro 4 most popular from Microsoft
Meanwhile, the Surface Pro (2017) is getting adopted at a nice clip while the Surface Laptop is just starting to creak through the floorboards.
Microsoft rolls out another firmware update to fix new Surface Pro 3 battery glitches
Still experiencing Surface Pro 3 battery shortcomings, even after Microsoft’s firmware update a little while back? Here’s a new system fix.
Surface Pro 3 charging issues with LG Chem battery
Another battery issue for the Surface Pro 3, though this time, we are dealing with a different components supplier: LG Chem.
Latest firmware update should neatly take care of those pesky Surface Pro 3 battery glitches
Microsoft needed way more time to admit there was something seriously wrong with the Surface Pro 3 than to actually fix the firmware mishap.
Microsoft finally makes fixing possible Surface Pro 3 battery flaws top priority (Updated)
If there’s been something wrong with the battery life of your Surface Pro 3 lately, rest assured, Microsoft is on the case at last.
Surface Dock price trimmed to $100 when bundled with already discounted Surface Pro 4
The Surface Dock, one of the most underrated 2-in-1 Microsoft accessories, goes half off today-only in Surface Pro 4 combinations stateside.
Surface Book, Pro 4 and Pro 3-using Windows Insiders should probably avoid Build 14279
It’s probably not wise to install the latest Windows 10 Insider Build on a Surface Book, Pro 4 or Pro 3 just yet, with grave possible consequences.
Lego Surface Pro 3 mod is 19 types of awesome
Who would have suspected that turning your tablet into a Lego accessory could be so useful – check out this incredible Lego Surface Pro 3 mod.
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Pro 3 at last launched in India for a pretty penny
Microsoft continues to make great strides in the all-important Indian market, even though the Surface Pro 4 and Pro 3 cost small fortunes there.
Microsoft offers solid savings on Lumia 950, Surface Pro 3 and more in ‘holiday super sale’
The no-contract AT&T Microsoft Lumia 950 is $50 cheaper than before, and Surface Pro 3 configurations can be purchased at up to $300 off before Christmas.
Off-beat: NFL teams can’t use their Surface tablets and the stadium printer
Microsoft has been good at chasing business with its Surface line of…
Black Friday 2015 deal roundup: cheap phones, tablets, and wearables for all
Join us as we round up all the early Black Friday 2015 deals in effect, as well as those we know are coming soon to manufacturers, retailers, and carriers.
Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL due out in India next month, followed by Surface Pros next year
Microsoft will soon set its sights on the fast-growing Indian market at last, officially launching the Lumia 950, 950 XL, Surface Pro 4 and 3 there.
New Surface Pro 3 discounts make picking up last year’s tablet a tempting offer
See how much you can save with new Surface Pro 3 deals coming to both the US and the UK.
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 could almost entirely ditch bezels with ‘Smart Frame’ tech
The no doubt looming Microsoft Surface Pro 4 may look to improve the design of its predecessors, drastically reducing screen bezels.
Microsoft introduces new Surface Pro 3 hardware option
See what the new Surface Pro 3 hardware option does differently to keep prices down while offering top-shelf performance.
Microsoft releases plans for Surface Pro 3 3-in-1 dock you can 3D-print and assemble yourself
Microsoft has just released some DIY Surface Pro 3 3-in-1 dock plans to build your own desktop mount for the tablet.
Microsoft sends out firmware updates for Surface 3 and Pro 3
The latest Microsoft release is a firmware update for both the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3, with a variety of changes to ensure the longevity of each.
The state of Windows Phone
It’s time to examine the state of Windows Phone and where is stands with respect to the landscape. We examine all aspects of Windows in computing today.
Microsoft puts Surface Pro 3 models on sale, deep discounts available
This latest Microsoft Surface Pro 3 sale offers some near-irresistible discounts on the laptop/tablet hybrid if you’ve been on the edge about a purchase.
Microsoft wins big with Surface Pro 3 in latest financial report
Lumia and Surface models helped contribute to Microsoft Q2 2015 financial report revenues.
Surface Pro 3 January update gets detailed
Learn more details on what Microsoft updated in its software fix to the Surface Pro 3 recently, as the company has now provided details.
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Microsoft IoT in Action event
Microsoft quarterly figures show Lumia sales up, strong Surface Pro 3 performance
The latest Microsoft quarterly figures are looking pretty darn respectable, with minor to significant growth in key areas.
Empty Nest: Surface Pro 3 memories
Now that I have passed on our review device, my Surface Pro 3 memories are all that remain. I reflect on what it was like to use the future in a tablet.