Microsoft Surface patent hints at possible redesign and thinner keyboard
A recent Microsoft Surface patent filing with the WIPO reveals the company’s plans to make a thinner keyboard, which could lead to a Surface redesign.
Microsoft Surface event scheduled for October 2
Invites are going out to a Microsoft Surface event happening on October 2 in New York City. Click to read what to expect.
Microsoft’s upcoming 10-inch ‘Surface Lite’ could pack Intel Pentium processors
That low-cost Windows 10 tablet Microsoft is reportedly working on is probably not called Surface Lite, but it might be powered by Intel Pentium chips.
Best Buy offers massive discounts on a Surface Laptop and a Surface Pro configuration
You can save a whopping $300 off the list price of a Surface Laptop with Intel Core i5 inside, and an even heftier $350 off a Surface Pro bundle.
‘Heavily redesigned’ Surface Pro 6, new HoloLens and more Microsoft products coming soon
Microsoft’s rumored 2018 and 2019 product roadmap includes everything from a mysterious Andromeda to a Surface Pro 6 and lower-cost HoloLens.
HP still dominates as Windows PC OEM, Surface Pro 4 most popular from Microsoft
Meanwhile, the Surface Pro (2017) is getting adopted at a nice clip while the Surface Laptop is just starting to creak through the floorboards.
Dell Latitude 7285 launches as world’s thinnest 2-in-1, with optional wireless charging keyboard
Thinner, lighter and prettier than Microsoft’s new Surface Pro, the pricier Dell Latitude 7285 detachable also comes with a unique keyboard accessory.
Get a Core i5 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 bundled with a Type Cover for just $660 in this new eBay deal
You can save several hundreds of bucks now on eBay if you’re still in the market for the “old” Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and a versatile Type Cover.
Microsoft bills ‘new’ Surface Pro as ‘the most versatile laptop’, Intel Kaby Lake inside
The 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro, which isn’t called the Pro 5 or Pro Next, is marketed as the “most versatile laptop.” Laptop, not tablet.
The Surface Pro is Now an Artist’s Dream Tablet (Video)
With the new Wacom Feel IT WinTab drivers, the Surface Pro just might be the digital artist’s dream tablet.
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