Microsoft will revamp Andromeda entirely for 2019
Sources say that the project is still in incubation, but that it could have collided with the Surface brand and tanked it if it was executed imperfectly.
Microsoft fans petition company to keep Andromeda alive
It’s been called the Surface Phone before this “Andromeda” codename became hip and cool, but whatever the case, fans want it as soon as possible.
Microsoft CEO assures there will be more phones made in Redmond, looking different from everything else
Microsoft hasn’t entirely given up on homebrewed smartphones, which however still need time to figure out the “next change in form and function.”
Why is the Microsoft Store pruning Lumia stock?
Could this be a sign that a major release is coming that can put Microsoft in position to break from its Lumia past? Or will the wait go on?
Surface Phone rumors include specs, prototype progress on x86-ARM64 emulation
Emulation is expected to be included in the Redstone 3 update of Windows 10 coming late next year. Only one Surface Phone prototype can support it.
Thurrott: Dell’s Intel-powered Windows phone at standstill, indicative of Surface Phone challenges
The device was rendered out to be an incredibly thin device and leaked by Evan Blass to be run on an x86 architecture. That proved too big a challenge.
‘Minor’ Microsoft Surface revisions likely coming this fall, ‘big bang’ upgrades late next year
Microsoft may have the future of the Surface device family all mapped out, with small rehashes in the works this year, followed by major upgrades the next.
Microsoft Surface Phone specs reportedly leak a stylus-ready device
Learn more about the Microsoft Surface Phone that has just been leaked yet again, as it seems that Microsoft hasn’t ditched this project just yet.
Microsoft, Amazon May Have Secured Smartphone Manufacturing Partner
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Microsoft Shareholder Letter Has Us Thinking About A Surface Phone
Read Microsoft’s latest letter to shareholders, and see why it hints at the possibility of a Surface phone in the company’s future.