Surface Pro 6
Massive Surface Pro 6 leak reveals everything
This massive Surface Pro 6 leak originates from Vietnam and it shows off the upcoming Microsoft convertible, as well as its specs.
Microsoft celebrates largest ever Surface launch, rolling out Surface Pro and Laptop in 25 markets
Microsoft’s “new” Surface Pro detachable and first ever Surface Laptop are officially available starting today around the world.
Microsoft’s new $100 Surface Pen kicks off US pre-orders, shipping from June 15
With a revised Surface Pro 4 comes a brand-new, low-latency, tilt-supporting Surface Pen, priced at $99.99 and up for pre-order right now.
Microsoft bills ‘new’ Surface Pro as ‘the most versatile laptop’, Intel Kaby Lake inside
The 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro, which isn’t called the Pro 5 or Pro Next, is marketed as the “most versatile laptop.” Laptop, not tablet.
Microsoft stylus patent suggests next Surface Pen could be rechargeable
Microsoft’s next Surface Pro model may never require stylus battery changes, as a patent describes a rechargeable Surface Pen.
Microsoft: Apple’s strategy puts iPad Pro as “a companion device”
“The strategies are very different.” And when it comes to comparing the Microsoft Surface to Apple’s iPad Pro, there are no two ways about it.
How does the Apple Pencil compare to the Surface Pen?
Time to play Spot the Difference! The iPad Pro finally hitting some…
Microsoft confirms acquisition of tech from Surface stylus-maker N-trig
It’s not clear if we’re looking at a full acquisition, but Microsoft has just gotten its hands on Surface Pen tech from the company behind its stylus.