Microsoft cites security risk to justify absence of Thunderbolt port on Surface devices
Microsoft Surface devices reportedly don’t offer upgradable RAM because the memory stick can be used to access all the data that was loaded into it.
Surface Laptop 2 will tag with Surface Pro 6 on Tuesday
No major outward changes to be found between the original Surface Laptop and this new one we’re hearing (and seeing) about so far.
Microsoft Surface event scheduled for October 2
Invites are going out to a Microsoft Surface event happening on October 2 in New York City. Click to read what to expect.
Best Buy offers massive discounts on a Surface Laptop and a Surface Pro configuration
You can save a whopping $300 off the list price of a Surface Laptop with Intel Core i5 inside, and an even heftier $350 off a Surface Pro bundle.
‘Heavily redesigned’ Surface Pro 6, new HoloLens and more Microsoft products coming soon
Microsoft’s rumored 2018 and 2019 product roadmap includes everything from a mysterious Andromeda to a Surface Pro 6 and lower-cost HoloLens.
Surface Book
Microsoft had a great March quarter, with Cloud, Surface, Office and LinkedIn revenue on the rise
Pretty much all of Microsoft’s products and services reported substantial year-on-year hikes in January – March 2018 revenue, from Surface hardware to Xbox software.
Microsoft Surface Laptop with Intel Core m3 processor goes on sale at $799
Previously available for $999 and up with your choice of a Core i5 or i7 processor, Microsoft’s “conventional” Surface Laptop now starts at $799 with Intel Core m3 inside.
New Surface Pro and Laptop deals galore at Microsoft and Best Buy
You can get the newest version of the Surface Pro starting at $599 today only from Microsoft, or a heavily discounted Surface Laptop bundle at Best Buy.
Microsoft’s Black Friday deals include Surface Pro bundles, discounted MR headsets and phones
One of the most extensive, diverse, rich and compelling collections of Black Friday 2017 deals unveiled thus far comes from the US Microsoft Store.
Microsoft firmly ‘stands behind’ the Surface family’s ‘quality and reliability’
The entire Microsoft Surface family of tablets and laptops has been deemed unreliable by Consumer Reports, which Redmond is trying hard to negate.
iPhone and Android cameras don’t care for Vic Gundotra | #PNWeekly 264
Are Android phone camera experiences really “years behind” the iPhone experience? That’s what one former executive Googler said. We dive in on our show.
Microsoft Surface Plus brings zero-interest leasing with 18-month upgrades
Surface Plus will make paying and upgrading the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book and Surface Studio more affordable. There’s a business plan, too.
Microsoft exec claims iPad Pro family is ‘clear example’ of Apple’s unoriginality
This may just be the most vicious verbal attack on Apple from a Microsoft official in a while, with the iPad Pro essentially called a copycat.
Microsoft celebrates largest ever Surface launch, rolling out Surface Pro and Laptop in 25 markets
Microsoft’s “new” Surface Pro detachable and first ever Surface Laptop are officially available starting today around the world.
Huawei MateBook X shows up MacBook while MateBook D goes for “casual gamers”
Huawei officially has its first foray into the notebook with two devices that straddle the lines of premium and affordable hardware.
These are the four fancy Signature Type Covers set to launch with the ‘new’ Surface Pro
That mildly refreshed Microsoft Surface Pro expected out in less than 24 hours will apparently debut alongside a quartet of Signature Type Covers.
Google Fuchsia and OnePlus 5 Leaks | #PNWeekly 252
Google’s Fuchsia has stirred up Android fans. Will this be its replacement operating system? We also got a sneak peek at the next OnePlus on our show.
Microsoft’s mixed message was confusing, but shows brilliant strategy
Microsoft put on an interesting show last week at its #MicrosoftEDU conference…
A Microsoft engineer excuses the Surface Laptop from USB-C
USB-C is too open, he says, and lays the potential out that users will blame Microsoft, not cable manufacturers, for their charging problems.
Panay: Surface Pro 5? How about “meaningful change” with your “Surface Pro Next”?
And “there’s no such thing as a ‘Pro 5,'” said the Microsoft VP of Devices. So, what do we expect in this “Pro Next”? More than just a Kaby Lake processor.
Making the BlackBerry KEYone cool to normals | #PNWeekly 251
On this week’s show, we talk with Stephen Schenck about unmatched stamina, a clicky keyboard and the public relevance factor for the BlackBerry KEYone.
Microsoft sets up yet another May event in Shanghai, Surface Pro 5 launch expected
It’s a little soon after this week’s Surface Laptop announcement, but Microsoft might be planning to unveil a long overdue Surface Pro 5 on May 23.
Is Google making or breaking the case for Chromebooks in schools?
The chief exec behind Google’s G Suite apps welcomes the challenge from Microsoft with Windows 10 S, but immediately wonders what’s next?
In-depth: What is Windows 10 S and why does it exist?
What’s special about Windows 10 S? Why is it here? Why should you want it? And would you even want it? Learn more and find out.
Microsoft Surface Laptop ditches convertible mode, touts better performance and battery life than MacBooks
Primarily billed as a high-end portable computer for students in opposition to Google’s Chromebooks, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop can even rival MacBooks.