Panay: Microsoft Surface hardware still going to be relevant

In fact, it’s more than the core of what Microsoft wants to do: to complete user experiences at work and at home. Hardware’s key.

This is when you can pre-order Microsoft’s Surface Headphones

40mm drivers, USB-C charging and an option to link up to devices via a 3.5mm cable. Quite a lot in this pair of Bluetooth cans for a first-timer.

Fall trifecta: LG V40 ThinQ, Nokia 7.1, Surface Headphones | #PNWeekly 326

Three big launch events this week from LG, HMD Global and Microsoft and we were there for all of them. Let’s talk it through, one by one.

Thoughts on Microsoft’s 2018 Surface Announcements

Microsoft’s Surface team announced a bunch of product updates and some new Surface headphones. Is any of this game-changing?

The hottest Microsoft product ever? Surface Headphones

Active noise-cancelling headphones with up to 13 levels of reduction? Sounds sweet. It will be available from Microsoft this holiday season.