Surface Go would’ve had a Snapdragon processor if Intel didn’t pull this move

Microsoft’s lightest-weight portable PC should’ve been running with a Qualcomm chipset. But Intel heard of the company’s plans and swooped in.
Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go starts shipping today, available for order in 20+ countries

Microsoft Surface Go pre-orders start shipping today, as customers in 20+ countries are able to grab their own from the Microsoft Store.

Costco members get a special $549 Surface Go bundle (with Type Cover included!)

This version of the Surface Go also comes in a memory configuration that’s not available to the wider public. It’s affordable, but has that precious SSD.

iPhone SE stop, Surface Go | #PNWeekly 313

On our podcast this week: Microsoft has a tiny Surface tablet that costs $800 if you want it like they show it. Also, long live the iPhone X?

Surface Go shipping August 2 with top-spec device priced at $549

We have a couple more details on the Surface Go, the lightest convertible computing device from Microsoft yet, including some extra pricing.

Microsoft’s Panay outs Surface Go on social media

The Surface Go is a powerful yet super-light computing device from Microsoft yet, the company’s hardware chief proclaims loudly on Twitter.

Affordable Surface Go gets leaked in full detail

It’s been thought that if students and educators weren’t enticed by the Surface Laptop already would rather have this than a Chromebook or iPad.