Microsoft Surface Book 2 refreshed with 8th-gen Intel processors

Check out the new and updated Microsoft Surface Book 2! It now features the 8th-generation Intel processor, and comes with an attractive price tag.

Microsoft Surface event scheduled for October 2

Invites are going out to a Microsoft Surface event happening on October 2 in New York City. Click to read what to expect.

A few of our favorite Amazon Prime Day deals previewed

If you’re checking this out on Monday morning, there are a couple of deals to look out for from the start of Prime Day and a bunch of giveaways, too.

Best Buy offers massive discounts on a Surface Laptop and a Surface Pro configuration

You can save a whopping $300 off the list price of a Surface Laptop with Intel Core i5 inside, and an even heftier $350 off a Surface Pro bundle.

Microsoft had a great March quarter, with Cloud, Surface, Office and LinkedIn revenue on the rise

Pretty much all of Microsoft’s products and services reported substantial year-on-year hikes in January – March 2018 revenue, from Surface hardware to Xbox software.

Microsoft silently adds $1,199 model with 128GB storage to Surface Book 2 lineup

If you badly want the “most powerful Surface ever”, but can’t afford a 13.5-inch Core i5 variant with a 256GB SSD, a new 128 gig Surface Book 2 configuration costs “just” $1,200 in the US.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be expanded to ‘all Surface markets’ through April

The 15-inch Surface Book 2 powerhouse is going up for pre-order in 17 new markets today ahead of an even wider expansion alongside the 13-inch version “through March and April.”

Microsoft Surface Book 2 comes in two sizes, with crazy horsepower in tow and fitting prices

Out of nowhere, the 2-in-1 Microsoft Surface Book 2 has been presented, with 8th Gen Intel Core inside, top-notch graphics options and all-day battery life.

Walks like a cat, looks like a Surface Laptop leak

The Surface Laptop is said to be a little bulkier than your typical Surface Pro and… is supposed to target women in university and professional settings?

Microsoft event for educators on May 2 likely brings Windows Cloud

Microsoft is said to be combating Google’s Chromebook that’s been invading classrooms with a cheaper Windows experience that can be upgraded.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 coming soon as a simple, cheaper clamshell laptop

Rumor has it that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be just a simple laptop with a clamshell form factor; price will be lower too.

Don’t rule out Surface Pro 5 or Surface Book 2 announcements later this month

They may not change much about their predecessors, but Kaby Lake-powered Surface Book 2 and Pro 5 versions are likely “being talked about.”

Rumor: No Surface Book 2 or Pro 5 coming this fall, no Surface Phone… ever?

Word around the water cooler now is Microsoft only plans to unveil Surface all-in-one PCs this fall, with the Surface Phone possibly canceled altogether.

Microsoft may have just started building up the Surface Book 2 (or at least its hinge)

While tipsters previously claimed the Surface Book 2 was slated for a spring 2017 launch, Microsoft likely just offered a sneak peek at the new hinge.

Surface Book 2 hinge will hopefully be gapless

Fold it up and it will not look too bad. That is what’s being said about the Surface Book 2, which is expected to be released sometime next year.

‘Minor’ Microsoft Surface revisions likely coming this fall, ‘big bang’ upgrades late next year

Microsoft may have the future of the Surface device family all mapped out, with small rehashes in the works this year, followed by major upgrades the next.