iPhone Xr

iPhone suppliers tell different stories when reporting revenues

We have new revenue reports from Foxconn and TSMC that are more promising than what we have seen from other iPhone component suppliers

Quality control once again a hurdle for Apple with iPhone XR supply

Demand for the iPhone XR has been flagging in the face of year-old premium iPhones that have taken a price cut. This supply drop doesn’t help its case.

iPhone X adoption nears 1 percent, taking on iPhone 7

First weekend market share for the iPhone X is right up there with the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s. Nowhere near the iPhone 6, though.

iPhone X launch draws large crowds worldwide while online waiting times gradually get better

From Sydney to New York, and Beijing to London, the excitement surrounding the iPhone X is high, and online deliveries seem to be going well too.

Apple Stores will have a few iPhone X units available on November 3, 20 million shipments tipped for 2017

You’ll need to be very quick to get the iPhone X at launch, either online or offline, since shipments are only expected to hit 20 million units this year.

Industry sources say declines in iPhone 8 demand are fastest

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus aren’t going to be getting far in this world, at least through the end of the year. Will the iPhone X change that?

iPhone X supply squeeze exacerbated as demand shifts from iPhone 8

Apple may be limiting initial production of the iPhone X to tease out how hot the market is for the $999 phone. iPhone 8 sales have been slow.

OPPO F3 pre-orders on Flipkart take up all initial stock

The Indian e-marketplace has additional supply to tide it over the next few days before shipments officially roll out. Who knew selfies were popular?

You may get an iPad Air 2 if Apple can’t like-replace your iPad 4

Well, there’s a chance you might get one if you need a repair. Basically, it’s the store manager that makes the call based on inventory issues.

10nm chip production rumored to hobble Galaxy S8 supply

The Galaxy S8 will use either the Snapdragon 835 or the Exynos 8895 chipset, depending on the region. Samsung isn’t making enough of them.

Google Pixel 2 “stays premium,” says Rick Osterloh

And there will be no Google Pixel 2B, according to the company’s hardware chief. And that’s not the only struggling piece of news he has to share.

HMD leaves the impression of flashing Nokia 6 sales when it just can’t keep up

Its first smartphone in years has proven too popular in China for HMD Global to keep up with. It is not intentionally starving supply.

KGI: iPhone 7 may splat on demand after all

Slowing demand for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has one financial firm concerned about Apple’s holiday quarter this year.

Despite perceived iPhone 7 headwinds, Apple 4Q16 earnings down 9 percent

The outlook for the iPhone maker is to break its all-time revenue record from last year. But will the iPhone 7 Plus hold the company back?

OnePlus 3S could quickly come as OnePlus 3 parts supply depletes

The connotations of a OnePlus 3S are that the looks don’t change much, but the insides will. LCD instead of AMOLED? Snapdragon 821 instead of 820?

KGI: Jet Black iPhone 7 production issues hold up deliveries

KGI Securities states in an investment note that Apple can only take 60 to 70 percent of any lot of Jet Black iPhone 7 devices to market.

Supply chain reportedly targets for 100 million iPhone 7 shipments

Taiwanese manufacturing sources say that Apple has increased its component orders from 80-85 million units. The number still is overshadowed by the 6s.

Jet Black iPhone 7 sells out in minutes, shipping waits lasting until November

As of this post, shipping waits for new orders of the Jet Black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus extend through October and even into November.

Initial iPhone 7 sell-out will be meaningless as it’s “governed by supply”

In a statement, Apple said it would not be giving out first weekend sales figures for the iPhone 7 because that number would be dictated by supply.
Nexus 6 wish list

Why is Google having trouble keeping up with Nexus 5 demand?

The Nexus 5 is a high-end smartphone, available for a lots of carriers, & it’s inexpensive! Why is it so hard to come by? What’s up with the Nexus 5 demand?