Galaxy S10 retail spec sheet leak: facts and figures

We’ve built a ton of numbers into our Galaxy S10 rumors and leaks databank, but this spec sheet’s getting real close to the source and launch date…

The Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) is getting many flagship features

The Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) and other mid-range devices will bring more goodies that include flagship features like AR Emoji

OnePlus 6 breaks vague sales records while scoring launch-day update with notch-hiding option

Thanks to the first OnePlus 6 software update, released as the phone’s global sales were opening, early adopters will be able to hide the notch right out the box. Also, shoot super slow motion video.

OnePlus 6’s Super Slo Mo outed by company’s India website

There was some teaser text that got placed on the webpage by accident, but it’s not exactly the most illuminating marketing.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium brings 4K HDR display and an extra camera to the series

There’s 50 percent more RAM here than on the Xperia XZ2, an extra camera, a larger selfie camera, a larger battery and a 4K HDR display.

Leaked promo video hints at Huawei P20 slow-motion finesse

It’s only a 7-second video, but the motion of it tells all. Huawei wouldn’t be the first to test its hand in slow motion.

Samsung will reportedly go after Sony with 1,000 fps video recording for Galaxy S9 camera

It’s a little early to be certain of, well, anything about the Samsung Galaxy S9, but super slow motion video recording sounds like a plausible upgrade.