Can the “Unbreakable Panel” keep Samsung’s Super AMOLED screens safe?

For the longest time, smartphone makers have used glass to protect the underlying display from damage. Could plastic be the future?

Samsung showcases 4K VR display with 1,200 ppi

Display manufacturers were bragging about their high-density virtual reality-purposed displays last week, but there’s hope for Samsung’s solution to be fast-tracked into commercialization.

The Meizu 15 series is powered by Samsung displays and an Exynos chipset

The Chinese manufacturer has leveraged every little bit of its relationship with Samsung to supplement these phones with top displays and specs.
Galaxy S8 Plus Infinity Display

T-Mobile Galaxy S8 update rolling out, overcorrects some units’ tints

What once was a bit reddish has now gone blue and red or even green and red for some. This update has brought more trouble than its worth.

Should we be worried about Galaxy S8 burn-in as well?

Despite Samsung programming in a feature to prevent this kind of problem from happening, some users say that it’s happening.

Users seeing red on their Galaxy S8 screen will get software fix

Korean users complaining about iffy hues on the display of their S8 or S8+ will be addressed by Samsung, though it won’t admit fault.

Behind the scenes at MWC, Samsung was playing with new OLED technology for phones

There were no foldable phones in sight at Mobile World Congress, but a select group did get to see 1,500 ppi VR headsets and unpolarized displays.

Samsung files for “Infinity Display” trademark, so get ready for some Galaxy S8 marketing

So, it’s between the 18:9 LG “FullVision” display on the G6 or the 18.5:9 “Infinity Display” on the Samsung Galaxy S8 — we think. So, which one for you?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 goes official with Snapdragon 820 and ‘enhanced’ S Pen

The Super AMOLED display-sporting Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 you’ve been waiting for so long is finally unveiled, S Pen support and all.

Weibo lights up with unexplained real-life Galaxy S8 photo [UPDATE]

Bottoms up! A new photo from Chinese social media appears to show the Galaxy S8, its headphone jack and its massive screen.

Galaxy S7 tested: snaps great photos to show on a great display

BRITECELL. Dual Pixel. 12 megapixels. The camera. Super AMOLED. Quad HD. 5.1 inches. The display. The Galaxy S7 simply lives up to its hype.

AMOLED vs IPS: which is better?

While cores and gigs are important to weigh when evaluating a device, the component we interact with most is the screen. Which is better, AMOLED vs IPS?

Samsung now focused on building displays for Apple

Learn more about Samsung’s new plan to take over Apple’s display supply, something we would really like to see given Samsung’s growth in quality
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What you need to know about smartphone screens, part 2 (video)

Today we’re diving into the types of displays under the glass, pros and cons of both types, and what you’ll want in your next smartphone screen.

Samsung tablet packing OLED screen could still be in the pipeline

A return to Samsung OLED tablets has been rumored for a while now, and reports suggest Samsung’s moving forward with its plans.

Today’s Display Technologies Explained

There are tons of different display technologies now available in the mobile world. And it’s getting more and more difficult to sift through all the marketing buzzwords to pick the best one. In this piece, Taylor breaks down the most popular display technologies.