Google pledges $12 million to fight against racial inequities, another $25 million in Ad Grants
Google will also match the donation of $2.5 million by the company’s employees to support the cause of racial equality and justice.
Google I/O 2018 will be about “responsible” use of Android
With the past year gone by and a trail of data devastation, we’re still stuck with the companies we have to deal with. What’s Google doing to make it more bearable?
First-party Google smartphone could come aside from Nexus devices this year
Google could have another smartphone up its sleeve. Beyond the Nexus program, a source to The Telegraph says it will build & sell its own device this year.
Pichai: Nexus stays with OEMs, but Google has more authority
Google sometimes treads its own path into certain product territories. It did so with a tablet recently. Why not into its own Android phones?
Google Assistant debuts as competitor to Amazon’s Alexa
Google I/O kicks off with the company’s chief, Sundar Pichai, introducing Google Assistant, a rival to Amazon’s Alexa service.
Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Palmer Luckey make Time 100 list for 2016
The Time 100 list for 2016 of the most influential people in the world includes several big tech names, like Tim Cook, Palmer Luckey and Sundar Pichai.
As before, Google sides with Apple on encryption
In a series of tweets, Google CEO Sundar Pichai agreed with Apple CEO Tim Cook’s argument against complying with a court order.
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