When you can play Oculus Rift apps from the HTC Viveport

Oculus Rift app developers can soon make their games or tools available on the HTC Vieport and gain revenue through its subscription-based system.

Google Assistant lets user subscribe to Actions, listen to media with pizazz

Smart home appliance developers can link up with Google Assistant for Custom Device Actions to let users ask to turn the lights purple.

HTC Viveport Subscription cost going up 29 percent on March 22

Up to 375 titles are available on this expanding library of apps and games, but HTC hopes it can justify a price hike with a few more sweeteners.

Hulu no longer charges extra for No Commercials service on iOS and tvOS

All subscribers to Hulu’s No Commercials video streaming plan are now charged the same flat $11.99 monthly fee, including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users.

China expected to have 1 billion 4G cellphone users by December

Over 2 billion cellular carrier subscribers are on LTE services right now and that number is to bump up against 2.5 billion late this year.

Apple Music annual subscriptions digitally available to existing customers

Up until now, the only way to save on a year of Apple Music was buying a gift card at an Apple Store. Still, you’ve got to pick bones to get this offer.

Spotify at 50 million subscribers, grows 67 percent in a year

It grew faster than Apple Music did in its first 15 months. Mostly because it racked up 20 million subscribers in under a year.

Apple Music gift card drops yearly subscription fee from $120 to $100

Don’t have a problem paying for 12 months of Apple Music service in advance? New coupons can hook you up with $20 discounts.