In two months, Apple Music grows subscribership by 11 percent

Both Spotify and Apple Music have been averaging about 2 million new subscribers per month. Cupertino hopes to shift the dynamic with a new executive at the helm.

Spotify subtly updates subscriber count to 60 million

The music streaming service has actually stepped up its pace in subscriber gains with 10 million additions made from every 6 months to 5 months.

Verizon loses wireless customers in 1Q17 earnings report

It’s the first recorded loss in subscriber base for Big Red. Bills remain high, even as Verizon takes reform to task in its consumer offerings.

Apple Music growth “fastest” Eddy Cue has seen

A mere 18 months into existence, the streaming service has over 20 million subscribers in hand. It hopes to explode with partnered multimedia content.

Apple Music has 20 million paying subscribers worldwide, Apple Pay supported by 35 percent of US retailers

Both Apple Music and Apple Pay have been growing at a remarkable pace of late, but is it enough to keep Spotify and Samsung Pay at bay?

From 30 million to 40 million, Spotify subscriber growth outpaces Apple Music

In terms of paying subscribers, it seems that Spotify has netted double the number that Apple Music has in the past half-year or so.

T-Mobile enjoys another strong quarter, adding 1.9 million customers

With a new grand total of 67.4 million subscribers, T-Mobile isn’t exactly breathing down Verizon’s neck, but it continues to grow at a steady pace.