Pocketnow Daily: Pocophone X2: TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the upcoming Poco X2 with amazing specs, the succesor of the Galaxy Fold and more

Motorola smartphone flaunting a hole-punch display and stylus support leaked

Motorola is allegedly gearing up to launch a new phone that will offer stylus support.

It seems that 2019 iPhones will have improved shatter resistance and Multi-Angle Face ID

We receive more rumors of possible new features that will come in 2019 iPhones that include better resistance and better Face ID

Does the Galaxy Note 10 have a “Spy Pen?” | #PNWeekly 344

Also on our show, revisiting the Razer Phone 2, cost promises for the Sprint/T-Mobile merger, terabyte phone debates, new emoji and more!

Wacom Cintiq 16 Review: Finally an affordable graphics tablet display!

Wacom finally makes a professional grade pen display that’s relatively affordable. How does it compare to the much pricier standard for visual creative professionals?

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen is back for another year with a better stylus

It’s a stylus-equipped laptop, back for another year, with some minor modifications that sum up to a major change for the Notebook 9 series.

The iPad Pro grows up with second-gen Apple Pencil, slimmer bezels

It’s slimmer, brighter and has more intuitive design. The iPad Pro’s power is also being utilized for the full Photoshop program and NBA 2K.

While not a Nintendo Switch, Huawei Mate 20 X is a gamer’s phablet

It’s not a console, it’s an Android smartphone that’s meant for playing all the games. And it has an amazing two-part cooling system to do it with.

These could be the first images of the Huawei Mate 20X

A leaked photo of a retail training guide for Huawei Experience Store employees indicate that at least one display unit will have a stylus appended to it.

Galaxy Note 9 S Pen remote SDK now available to developers

It takes a developer to support a project and one of Samsung’s projects is a new remote function for the Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen.

Consumer Reports: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on top of smartphone ratings

These are the main reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has reached the top position in the best smartphones ratings for Consumer Reports

Galaxy Note 9 announced with terabyte potential, enhanced S Pen and more OIS

The S Pen can do pretty much more than anything on the phone and we’re seeing a first for the Note line with individually-stabilized cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: here’s what we know

So, you’ve heard that Samsung is planning a shindig on August 9 and are wondering what it’s about? We have everything on what it’s about right here.

Could the Galaxy Tab S4 look like the Android tablet you need?

When it comes to looks, it may be a familiar look coming to Samsung’s flagship Android tablet this year, though with a curvier S Pen.

Bottom and rear of Galaxy Note 9 seen in leaked poster

We see three new sides to the Galaxy Note 9 in an official-looking poster and also hear about a price tag coming out of Poland.

FCC certification confirms Bluetooth support for Galaxy Note 9 S Pen

Samsung’s fast-approaching Galaxy Note 9 is all but guaranteed to come to market with an all-new S Pen capable of some neat Bluetooth tricks.

Microsoft internal email describes Andromeda as “pocketable” Surface PC

It’s convertible, foldable and could come with a stylus. It could also be canceled at any moment. But Microsoft could “blur” the lines of computing again.

S Pen gains Bluetooth functions with Galaxy Note 9

All the Galaxy Note devices up to this point had digitizers that powered the S Pen’s input. If actualized, how does this rumor impact usage?

HP Chromebook x2 gets shipped a week early

The Chromebook x2 was actually first announced in April. Pre-orders began last month. Shipments weren’t even supposed to begin before June.

LG Q7 Stylus found at Taiwan’s telecom regulator

LG’s yearly attempt at making an Android phone with a stylus in tow may come with a sensical name in 2018. But we’ve yet to confirm even basic details about it.

Comprehensive new analyst report claims to reveal every 2018 iPhone secret

One 2018 iPhone could be “aggressively” priced in the “$799 range”, according to Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang, while the refreshed OLED 5.8-incher is expected to look pretty much the same as the X. That 6.5-incher could bring some “slightly unusual” features to the table.

Same price, new iPad 9.7: Apple Pencil is the (separately available) star

Apple is touting this as the most affordable iPad yet with the option for users to grab hold of the Apple Pencil (for $99) and take their experience by the reins.

Chrome in a new form for education: Acer Chromebook Tab 10

Acer is taking Chrome OS to a tablet, but forgot to leave the word “book” behind in naming this product. It’s targeted for education.

March 27 Apple event not to be live streamed

Educators will get the first look at whatever hardware, software and support programs Apple wants to reveal on Tuesday. Students will have to wait.

KGI: Next week’s iPad refresh will work with Apple Pencil

It’ll be sold separately, of course, at $99. But the Pencil only has worked with iPad Pro tablets up until this point. Will it worthwhile for educators to get them with a new affordable iPad?