LG bets on 5G over foldables to grow smartphone sales

The company did think about producing a 5G foldable phone, but considers its appeal to be too limited for the growth that LG desperately needs.

Xiaomi confirms Redmi Snapdragon 855 phone are in plans

Xiaomi’s budget smartphone division is planning a big follow-up for its latest performance-pushing device and a new, perhaps 5G-equipped phone.

Executive shuffle at ASUS means less ZenFone, more ROG Phone

The Taiwanese tech manufacturer wrote off just over US$200 million from its smartphone division as it switches strategies into 2019.

LG’s restrained strategy folds, is on track to launch more smartphones than last year

It’s the consumer electronics equivalent of carb loading as both LG and Korean compatriot Samsung have burst out with phones galore early in 2018.

Either LG Pay or wireless charging for the more expensive G6

The reasoning for the rumored feature triage is supposedly because of different markets and different interests. Whatever the interest, it will be costly.

The strategy on Windows 10 Mobile? Keeping Windows on cellular and on ARM chips

Keeping the OS on cellular and on ARM chips. Windows 10 Mobile has to be mobile Windows 10. The development on software continues.

Samsung could go with iPhone 7 Plus strategy for Galaxy S8

You can get a 4K display and two rear cameras on your next Galaxy S8, but you’re going to have to pay dearly for it, just as with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Microsoft’s no-Windows 10 Mobile strategy could be its best mobile strategy

Now that Build 2016 has come and gone, it’s time for us…