Pocketnow Daily: OnePlus 8 Line-Up Leaked: Even the Lite is a BEAST?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the specs of the complete OnePlus 8 series, the camera in the Samsung Galaxy S11+ and more

SanDisk announces first terabyte microSD card

Do you own a Galaxy S10+ with a terabyte of storage? Perhaps you would like to double that storage with a SanDisk microSD card.

Samsung starts production of 1TB smartphone storage chip

Samsung has just announced the beginning of production for its new 1TB smartphone storage solution, which will likely be featured in the Galaxy S10.

Kuo raises iPhone XS Max sales forecasts after great opening weekend numbers

It’s been one week since people started looking at the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. And if they had to opt for one or another, they’re going all Max.

Google Drive transforms into Google One for all Google storage needs

In addition to a name change and “smarter” storage amount options, there are also a few freebies Google wants to toss to consumers.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Samsung selling unlocked Galaxy S9 with 128GB and 256GB storage options

The company is officially bringing its latest flagship Android smartphone some more storage to sweeten up any potential customers who need up to 256GB of space.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Verizon certifies 128GB and 256GB Galaxy S9 for use on its network

But the question now is if the carrier will sell those variants to its customers? Will others? Or are these big phones destined just for the unlocked market?

Whether it’s the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy X, Weibo source has specs

Nevermind the fact that too much can change within a year’s time. The general themes this analyst hits tend to be believable here.

Weibo rumors take on Galaxy S9 memory configurations

While some prospective Galaxy fans will be disappointed about the most standard of the offerings, those who can afford to buy above and beyond could be in for a treat.

Jet Black iPhone 7 finish now on 32GB model, (PRODUCT)RED done for the year

Yes, this also applies to the iPhone 7 Plus, too. The (PRODUCT)RED color and the 256GB storage option are now both also gone.

SanDisk releases 400GB microSD card for $249.99

It’ll take a while yet before we have 2TB microSD cards to really push storage potentials on smartphones, but in the meantime, how about 400GB?

Rumors point to iPhone 8 storage options ranging from 64GB to 512GB

There’s a rumor going around Weibo that Samsung and SK Hynix will provide 512GB storage disks for the iPhone 8, or the “iPhone Edition.”

Latest iOS 11 beta clears up a bunch of cruft from disk

On a 16GB iPhone, the update freed up near 1GB of space. You’ll probably get more out of it with a higher capacity disk. But will iOS 11 finish lighter?

After Verizon comes the unlocked Moto Z2 Play, now up for pre-order

It works on the big four major US carriers and their virtual operator counterparts and is a great mid-range option and a consumer’s entry into Moto Mods.

The most worrying figure for the Moto Z2 Force: 2,730mAh

If what is being reported is true, the Moto Z2 Play will have a bigger battery than the high-octane flagship — and even that phone had a power struggle.

You can cop an LG G6+ in the US on Amazon for $699

Just be aware that Band 2 LTE won’t be on-board and you’ll be okay to go in most situations. You get double the usual amount of storage anyways.

Honor 9 Premium maxes out the memory specs in Europe

The standard Honor 9 was made widely available in Europe with 4GB of RAM, but more RAM is on this one and it’s in Italy and Switzerland.

Another Galaxy Note 8 puzzle piece falls into place: 64 and 128GB storage options

Compulsive digital hoarders should be happy to hear Samsung reportedly plans to equip the Galaxy Note 8 with 64 and 128GB internal storage.

How the iPhone 8 ruined the Huawei P10 for memory freaks

Apple is throwing its weight around by commanding a lot of production capacity for memory chips, leaving the competition in jitters.

Apple is discreetly pulling out all the stops to help iOS 11 users better manage their internal storage

A bunch of useful new options and features seem to be added to iOS 11 to easily save and free up internal storage whenever you might need that.

Huawei P10 memory issues explained but not resolved, screen coating tech revised

It’s not surprising to hear Huawei P10 memory speed inconsistencies are caused by supply shortages, but the problem’s “fix” is certainly disappointing.

Huawei P10 memory chip speeds worryingly inconsistent between eMMC 5.1 and UFS 2.1

Critics across social media are inferring from benchmarks and other evidence that Huawei is using different grades of RAM and flash storage chips.

Weibo: Galaxy S8 will cost more to make, but maintain its price

By one count, the regular Galaxy S8 will cost $325 to manufacture, $70 more than the S7. But if what we’re hearing is true, why not raise prices?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite manga model has room for more than Naruto

If your otaku tendencies have you straining your eyes at digital manga on a bright screen at night, perhaps you might get this e-reader shuttled to you.

In comparing Moto Z, Lenovo claims iPhone 7 Plus optical zoom is rated at 4x

In chewing apart its competition, Lenovo compared the Moto Z and Moto Z PLay with Moto Mods to the iPhone 7 Plus. With purported specs.