OnePlus 3 sales stoppage called to bring down shipment times
The stoppage will last for 34 days in 23 European countries as well as Hong Kong. This move comes after Chinese OnePlus 3 sales started.
iOS 10 overtime: uninstalling default apps, device compatibility
Find out which iPhones, iPads and iPod touches you will be able to get iOS 10 on and then see which apps you can delete to save more space on your device.
Now that Android has matured, do you still feel the need to root?
Android has matured a lot. So much so that it’s hard to justify the risks of rooting your phone since you can already customize the heck out of it.
Donald Trump’s Apple boycott never extended to his own company stock
Perennial Apple hater Donald Trump appears to keep his business and political views very separate, owning stock in the company he once “boycotted.”
Business magnate Carl Icahn sells Apple stock on concerns about China slowdown
Apple isn’t doing as well financially as it used to, with iPhone sales in free fall worldwide, and investors appear to be taking notice.