Apparently, I have to install spyware on my phone in order to attend a Weird Al concert

If you enjoy supporting your favorite artists by attending their shows, watch out for the AXS ticketing app. It could be a nightmare!

WhatsApp vulnerability allowed installation of spyware on phones

A WhatsApp vulnerability was discovered that allowed attackers to install government-grade spyware on phones running affected versions.

Security & Privacy: Malware and Beyond – The Many Shapes of Device Security

Device security comes in many shapes and forms, each with its own strategy for mitigating threat vectors. Read to find out how to stay secure!

Security & Privacy: Do You Need Mobile Antivirus Apps?

Various antivirus and antimalware apps are available through app stores; some even come pre-installed from OEMs. Question is: are these mobile antivirus apps really necessary?

Barnes & Noble halts Nook Tablet 7 sales, considering recall due to charger issues

If the $50 Nook Tablet 7 felt a little too good to be… so cheap, it’s probably because it’s pre-loaded with spyware, as well as plagued by adapter flaws.

Barnes & Noble now faces criticism for baking Adups spyware into $50 Nook Tablet 7

Barnes & Noble follows BLU on the radar of mobile security experts, apparently also putting the personal data of Nook Tablet 7 users at risk.

$50 and up BLU R1 HD is back in stock on Amazon, spyware no longer included

You probably have no reason to fear the new batch of ultra-low-cost BLU R1 HD phones sold through will spy on you.