Pocketnow Daily: Amazon Made a Wall-E Robot for $999 🤯, Google Pixel 6 Pricing 👀 & more!
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the latest Amazon robot called Astro, Google Pixel Fold rumors, and more.
Spotify is to be blamed for your iPhone’s terrible battery life on iOS 15
If you updated your iPhone to iOS 15, and are facing high…
Spotify to overtake Apple Podcasts
Analysis: Spotify will soon overtake Apple Podcasts in terms of active users
According to a new analysis by eMarketer, Spotify is close to globally overtake Apple Podcasts in terms of active users by the end of 2021.
Spotify Beta adds native M1 support for Apple devices
Spotify is now finally adding support for Apple’s own M1 Silicon. The new application will provide compatibility, improvements and performance enhancements.
Spotify bought another company to improve its Podcast service
Spotify has been focusing on its podcast service for a while, making large investments to ensure it’s the biggest platform for creators.
Spotify Greenroom
Spotify launches Greenroom, another Clubhouse competitor
Spotify Greenroom is claimed to bring a new onboarding experience that puts users’ interests front and center.
Spotify legal head explains why he thinks Apple is a ‘monopolist’ and ‘ruthless bully’
Spotify legal head Horacio Gutierrez has dished out on how Apple chokes the competition and exhibits unrestrained use of power.
spotify Apple watch
Apple Watch finally gets Spotify music downloads
You need a Spotify Premium subscription and an Apple Watch Series 3 (or a model launched after it) to download content on the smartwatch.
spotify subscriptions main
Spotify podcast subscription is here, and it already has an upper hand over Apple
Creators have the freedom to choose between three tiers – $2.99/month, $4.99/month, and $7.99/month – for podcast subscriptions on Spotify.
spotify podcsts
Spotify is raising the price of several of its plans in the US, UK, and Europe
Some countries in Asia and South America could see a similar price hike soon.
facebook spotify integration
Facebook app adds a mini-player that streams music and podcast from Spotify
Spotify mini-player in Facebook app will be available to free & premium users of the streaming service, but you need both apps on your phone.
spotify podcsts
Spotify explores podcast subscriptions, but unlike Apple, it won’t charge creators
Spotify will let creators decide how much they want to charge their audience, and won’t take a cut from the subscription revenue either.
facebook podcast spotify
Facebook is bringing podcasts to its platform with Spotify partnership at play
Thanks to its Spotify tie-up, Facebook will add an in-line player to its app that will let users play podcasts from the streaming platform.
spotify podcsts
Spotify confirms it uses your voice data to provide targeted ads
Spotify goes on to say that the company uses this data to recognize what you say, to understand you better, and to help the service provide a response or take an action.
spotify podcsts
“Hey Spotify” will let you play songs hands-free
As per the report, saying the wake-word “Hey Spotify” will prompt Spotify’s built-in voice search while the screen is on and the Spotify app is open.
Spotify Mixes
Spotify Mixes will make your favorite playlists for you
Each mix updates frequently, which offers endless possibilities.
spotify podcsts
Spotify is going all-in on the hottest social media trend right now
Spotify has acquired Betty Labs, the creator of a live audio app called Locker Room and aims to create content like live debates and AMAs.
Spotify adds Mood and Genre filters to help categorize the 10,000 songs you’ve Liked
If your Liked playlist on Spotify is a potpourri of songs from genre and moods, the new filters will help find those of a particular type.
Spotify Hi-Fi debuts as a lossless streaming tier, Spotify Clips are also coming soon
Spotify Hi-Fi will arrive later this year in a select few markets, while Spotify Clips will let artists add short videos to their playlists.
Amazon extends Spotify podcast support for Alexa devices to 11 more countries
Users in Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain and UK can now utilize the new Alexa skill.
Spotify app now lets you search a song by its lyrics
Spotify has also introduced new weekly charts that will document the top albums and songs streamed across the globe.
Spotify makes it easier to create a collaborative playlist and check everyone’s contribution
A Collaborative Playlist on Spotify will now also show the avatar of the person who added a particular song or podcast episode.
Spotify is down at the moment
Spotify says it is “aware of some issues right now and are checking them out.”
Spotify is testing shareable quote cards pulled from podcast episodes
This is a mobile-only experimental feature that is live for users in the US at the moment, and that too, solely for The Michelle Obama Podcast.
Spotify’s Group Session feature will let you remotely host a listening party with friends
Spotify users can now listen to a podcast or enjoy a playlist remotely with friends via synced playback, and also ccontrol playback.