The new NVIDIA Shield TV supports Google Assistant, 4K HDR, NVIDIA Spot AI mic accessory

Instead of jumping on the Alexa bandwagon, the CES 2017-unveiled new NVIDIA Shield TV comes with native Google Assistant integration.

Is fitness the future of wearables?

Watches have evolved from basic timekeepers to app-wielding gadgets. Now the focus is turning from information presentation, to fitness and health.

What I want from the Galaxy Gear 2

I know what I want in a smartwatch and Samsung’s current offering misses the mark. What does Samsung need to do to succeed with the Galaxy Gear 2.
Smart Watch

Why Haven’t You Bought a Smart Watch Yet?

So, why haven’t you bought a smart watch yet? To be honest, it’s probably because they have all, how can I put this… “failed to live up to expectations”. Let’s hope Pebble gets it right!