How fast can the Galaxy Note 9 be? We find out!

We have videos this week on how to speed up your Galaxy Note 9 experience and how fast that data flows against the iPhone X!

Ookla praises T-Mobile as network tests Snapdragon 845 modem with 1.2Gbps downlink

The group behind has crowned the Un-carrier as the speediest in the nation. T-Mobile, like other carriers, continues to tread 5G waters.

Sprint touts best improvement in download speeds year-to-date

Average download speeds ran up 28 percent over the course of winter and spring this year, beating T-Mobile’s 18 percent and losses from AT&T and Verizon.

Galaxy S8 and HTC U11 get software fix to better access Sprint 2.5GHz band

Sprint’s been fighting its reputation as the weakest network in the US and it’s using download speeds through the Galaxy S8 as a metric.
Speedtest Windows 10

Thanks, Ookla: Speedtest now on Windows 10 Mobile

The app ecosystem has been trudging along with little love on the hardware side in recent days, but could Windows 10 S help things out?

Verizon cruises over RootMetrics testing for 1H16 — T-Mobile last, but most improved

AT&T is second, Sprint is third, but T-Mobile is a most improved fourth and may be biting at some yellow towers soon enough.

With RAM tweak, OnePlus 3 performance neck and neck with Galaxy S7 edge

The OnePlus 3 once again was pitted against the Galaxy S7 edge to see how it handles keeping apps in memory with a key tweak made.