Some customers getting 200Mbps or more on AT&T 5G millimeter wave network

Some early access customers to AT&T’s 5G+ network have seen speeds as high as 300Mbps or 400Mbps. But it’s not representative of everyone’s experience.

AT&T shows off 1.5Gbps speed on 5G+ network, but read the fine print

Millimeter wave spectrum is coming along on AT&T’s 5G network, but it’s a “slowly, but surely” thing. Still, it’s kind of an odd test result…

The iPhone Xs is fast, but not faster than the Galaxy Note 9 in speed test

The new iPhone Xs and Xs Max seem to be faster than the iPhone X, but it can’t beat the speeds of the smartphone with a Qualcomm X20 modem

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ are ‘the fastest phones ever’, at least in theory

In addition to being more durable than their predecessors, with the world’s best displays in tow and impressive cameras, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are technically a lot faster than the iPhone X for downloads on the fly.

Latest unconventional OnePlus 5T commercial ends in fake rival phone destruction

Love or loathe the way the OnePlus 5T is being advertised of late, we can’t stop talking about the “competition-smashing” phone, which clearly qualifies as effective publicity.

‘Stupid men’ pit OnePlus 5T against Galaxy Note 8 in bizarre new ‘cactus test’ ad (Video)

The latest OnePlus 5T publicity stunt is unusual, to say the least, as “brave idiots” show the speed difference between it and the Galaxy Note 8 in a bizarre “cactus test.”