Service costs may go up thanks to Sprint/T-Mobile merger failure
Analysts predicted that consumer-side costs would go up if a Sprint/T-Mobile merger were to go through. Without a merger, they still might go up.
Could Foxconn move to the US? Sharp president remarks about OLED iPhone may hint at that
Sharp is working on updating its plants for making OLED displays for the iPhone 8. Will Apple bite? Maybe if parent company Foxconn can sweeten the deal.
Seeking Alpha says BlackBerry smartphones are done
This investor knows how to get attention drawn to his conclusions. He predicts that BlackBerry smartphones will have to be done soon.
Android Wear, Apple Watch, and iOS
Will Android Wear rain on the Apple Watch parade?
Apple Watch is now available for pre-sale – but you can’t take delivery until June or beyond. Could Google have an Android Wear trick up its sleeve?
Can Android TV succeed where Google TV already failed?
Google got into the set top business four years ago with Google TV. Now that it’s dead, what will it take for Android TV to succeed?
htc One M9 Concept
HTC One M9 design: sticking with what works
We may see the new HTC One M9 as early as March 2015, but with all the leaks and speculation, there’s one thing that has stayed consistent: the design.
HTC One 2014 wishes
HTC One 2014: here’s what I’m wishing for
The HTC One was released a year ago this March. With MWC 2014 right around the corner and rumors of the M8, here’s what I’m hoping for in the HTC One 2014.
Chrome Apps
Chrome apps on Android and iOS could be the future
Apps for Android. Apps for iOS. Apps for Windows Phone. They’re all different, but Chrome apps could run on all three, and save you money in the process.
Here’s what Android 4.4 could bring
Google’s next version of Android should be just around the corner. What new features & changes will it bring? Here are some of our Android 4.4 speculations.
I’ll be happy if the Nexus 5 is based on the LG G2
With a new Nexus expected in the next month or so, I’ll be happy if the Nexus 5 is based on the LG G2.
How Soon Will We See a Smartphone with a Wrap-Around Screen?
Learn about why curved displays are not only possible, they’re probably — and may be on your favorite phone sooner than you think!
The HTC M7: Groundbreaking, or Just Another Android Flagship?
The rumored M7 from HTC looks like a worthy Android smartphone, but does it look capable of standing up to new threats like the Samsung Galaxy S IV? Read on for our thoughts on the newest leaks.
To Prosper Again, HTC Should Sell Phones À La Carte
We can custom-build our own computers, but not our own smartphones. Read on to see why we think this is a missed opportunity, especially for struggling companies like HTC.
CES is Over – Here’s What to Drool Over Now
A dizzying array of smartphone and tablet makers stand poised to make our technology dreams come true in 2013. Read on for our top predictions on what’s coming at MWC and beyond.
Android 5
Letting History Be Our Guide: A Look Forward to Android 5.0
Learn about older versions of Android, and how history could help us understand what may be coming in Android 5.0.
Can The Envy x2 Tablet Put HP Ahead In The Windows 8 Game?
HP just dropped some awesome hardware with the Envy x2 tablet-notebook hybrid. Read on to see what it means for the future of Windows 8.
Android-Based BlackBerry or Android-Based Lumia: FIGHT!
I never thought I’d be championing BlackBerry over Lumia, but in the funky world of smartphone speculation, sometimes the unexpected comes knocking. Read on to have some what-if fun with Pocketnow.
The Next iPhone: What Do Users Need?
There’s almost certainly a new iPhone coming out later this year. Whether it will drop in October, as the latest speculation suggests, or some other time in the fourth quarter is anyone’s guess. We’ll be examining the question from Apple’s perspective in a later piece, but today, let’s focus on what users need from the new iPhone.