FCC prepares for 5G spectrum auctions from November

The race has long been on, but the US government is about to begin doling out high-band 5G spectrum out to all interested telecoms.

First stage of T-Mobile 600MHz spread will be rural

T-Mobile took 45 percent of the spectrum offered at the 600MHz and it thinks it can paint a million square miles of its licensed space starting this year.

T-Mobile earnings for 1Q17 continue to impress as merger talks heat up

The Un-carrier has logged at least one million new customers per quarter for the past four years since the first two-year contract was shredded.

Legere claims win in T-Mobile 600MHz grab

The CEO of T-Mobile is getting a whole bunch of spectrum that will help it penetrate the country with LTE where it hasn’t been before.

600MHz auction officially ends with $19.77 billion in bids

With TV stations ceding spectrum to wireless internet providers, we’re now left with a conversion timeline that’s steeped in dispute.

600MHz auction ending in April, pot likely to hit $20 billion

From April, it will take 39 months for the TV industry to pack up and head out of the 600MHz airwaves in order for internet providers to move in.

600MHz auction is over with a piddling $10 billion in sales

Well, at least the process can be called over. Wireless operators are still bidding for the next week on TV broadcasters’ spectrum.

US 600MHz auction rambles onto fourth round, bids decline

TV broadcasters which currently hold the spectrum had asked for $40 billion of the wireless industry. The industry bid less than it did in the second round.

600MHz auction resets as forward process ends with lack of demand

Not enough bidding took place for TV broadcasters’ airwaves in the US’s densest-populated markets to allow the FCC’s auctioning process to continue.

FCC 600MHz auction has a $86.4 billion clearing target

All together, broadcasters want some $86 billion for their valuable spectrum. Wireless service providers may provide way less than that. That’s a problem.

600MHz reverse auction said to be nearing end

The FCC will soon publicize how much money TV broadcasters want for their precious spectrum. It’s up to bidders to meet that target, or else.

T-Mobile thinks it can deploy 600MHz by end of 2017

An executive at the Un-carrier believes so. He’s thinking that broadcasters will want to sort out their spectrum so that they can get some auction money.

Seven days until 104 applicants battle it out in 600MHz auction

The auction is expected to take five months, but could end up going longer if conditions deteriorate. The impacts of this auction won’t be seen for years.

Deutsche Telekom willing to shell up to $2 billion for T-Mobile 600MHz bid

Deutsche Telekom is infusing some cash into its subsidiary after it supposedly put plans to shop T-Mobile out on hold.

T-Mobile asks FCC to void some of Verizon’s 600MHz bids

T-Mobile has been chasing tails from the beginning of this spectrum auction…

A primer to the 600MHz spectrum auction

We’ve been talking for a bit about this spectrum auction that’s going…

FCC publishes starting offers for TV stations in spectrum auction

It’s been a while in the making and it’s going to be…