New York revokes Spectrum’s license to operate in state

The state says that the broadband provider had failed to expand its network quickly enough as it was agreed upon for the Charter-Time Warner Cable merger.

Spectrum Mobile begins service with similar terms to Xfinity Mobile

Just like Comcast’s own Xfinity Mobile, the service is offer on top of Verizon’s LTE network and a mesh of free Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation.

vivo product is the first to get Qualcomm 5G millimeter wave antennas

It’s in a “commercial form factor” but it has actually yet to go commercial as 5G is still building out. vivo is touting its partnership with Qualcomm.

Apple TV works with Dolby Atmos, TV providers

The next tvOS update will support Dolby’s spatial sound codec and, soon, Charter Spectrum channel packages through Apple TV.

Sprint and T-Mobile said to cling to as much spectrum before conceding to government

The FCC and Department of Justice are set to look at a merger between the nation’s fourth- and third-largest cellular networks. They’ll be making demands.

Merged Sprint/T-Mobile network visualized in maps

The map shows off the spectrum holdings the two would have if they combined. But it doesn’t reflect the towers that already exist.

T-Mobile 600MHz ambitions laid out in FCC meeting as it curbs TV’s edge

The two entities met and a paper was filed. T-Mobile spent a lot of time trying to dissuade TV broadcasters from doing anything they’d consider silly.

Other winners at the 600MHz auction get their pieces

The 600MHz auction wasn’t just a boon for T-Mobile. Regional carriers and wireless operators are now working on running transmitters for the new airwaves.

T-Mobile funds PBS stations’ relocation efforts in the wake of 600MHz auction

Many rural stations that extend their signal through translators wouldn’t have the money to realign frequencies or even shut them down without this cash.

T-Mobile’s 600 MHz timeline is ‘well ahead of expectations’, with tests underway this summer

T-Mobile is looking to quickly capitalize on wide 600 MHz spectrum it spent nearly $8 billion on fairly recently, with a big deployment planned this year.

Verizon beats AT&T for spectrum holder Straight Path Communications

Straight Path Communications, which owns licenses for what is viewed as fertile 5G spectrum, has had a wild ride on the stock market.

WSJ: Charter and Comcast to keep in lockstep on wireless buyouts, tech

If one cable company wanted to acquire a wireless operator, say T-Mobile, it would have to get permission from the other.

First stage of T-Mobile 600MHz spread will be rural

T-Mobile took 45 percent of the spectrum offered at the 600MHz and it thinks it can paint a million square miles of its licensed space starting this year.

Spectrum holder Straight Path announces AT&T has been outbid

The company has particularly plow-worthy spectrum for 5G. Market speculation has talked about Verizon, perhaps, edging up against AT&T for this acquisition.

AT&T acquires 5G spectrum holdings company, second in 2 months

The telco announced its $1.6 billion takeover of Straight Path Communications which complements a prior acquisition of FiberTower.

AT&T Project AirGig plans to spread 5G through the power grid

AT&T has been working on a way to not have to install fiber or set up towers to support its network. The solution? Plastic antennas on power lines.

600MHz reverse auction said to be nearing end

The FCC will soon publicize how much money TV broadcasters want for their precious spectrum. It’s up to bidders to meet that target, or else.

T-Mobile thinks it can deploy 600MHz by end of 2017

An executive at the Un-carrier believes so. He’s thinking that broadcasters will want to sort out their spectrum so that they can get some auction money.

The end of 2G for AT&T slated for this year

Change is finally happening on the back-end of progress. As LTE keeps evolving, AT&T says it’s set to let go of 2G by the end of the year.

Seven days until 104 applicants battle it out in 600MHz auction

The auction is expected to take five months, but could end up going longer if conditions deteriorate. The impacts of this auction won’t be seen for years.

Deutsche Telekom willing to shell up to $2 billion for T-Mobile 600MHz bid

Deutsche Telekom is infusing some cash into its subsidiary after it supposedly put plans to shop T-Mobile out on hold.

Los Angeles turns streetlights into LTE cell towers

The war for more spectrum is on. Between carriers, there’s a fight…

A primer to the 600MHz spectrum auction

We’ve been talking for a bit about this spectrum auction that’s going…

T-Mobile’s 600MHz bid is looking better today

Wisconsin-based cellular carrier Cellcom will not be bidding in the FCC’s 600MHz…

T-Mobile Un-carrier 10.0: Free movie streaming?

Update (10/29): Well, @evleaks strikes again and supports our initial call. T-Mobile’s Uncarrier…