Snapchat has just released the new and more expensive Spectacles 3
You can now get Snapchat’s new Spectacles 3 to let everybody see the world through your perspective
Unsinkable Apple, fallible Android | #PNWeekly 300
On this week’s show, Apple continues to ruffle feathers for the way it conducts business and gets away with it. Meanwhile, another dirty secret about Android slips loose.
Believe it or not, Snap’s ‘002’ Spectacles could be right around the corner
Despite the spectacular failure of the initially well-received Spectacles, Snap Inc. looks keen to release a second version soon, possibly followed by a third next year.
Cheaper than Snap’s Spectacles, the ACE Eyewear smart glasses support live streaming
Priced at a crazy low $99 for early adopters, the ACE Eyewear smart glasses hide a few extra tricks up their sleeve compared to Snap’s trendy Spectacles.
Snapchat Spectacles are now available on Amazon in the US for same old $130 price
Initially available only in physical “Snapbots”, then on Snapchat’s official website as well, Spectacles have finally expanded to Amazon stateside.
Forget MWC 2017, how about Android Oreo in space? | #PNWeekly 241
So, forget the whole MWC 2017 thing, let’s just do a whole podcast on Snapchat Spectacles, LTE-U and Android Pocky. How’s about that?
Snapchat Spectacles, because we all loved Google Glass
The privacy debates that it brought up were damaging. In terms of Snapchat, instant communication to a selective audience really might work people over.