Wileyfox Swift updated with Cyanogen-less Android 7.1.1

Wileyfox pulls through on an Android Nougat update a little late, coping with the demise of Cyanogen with a little of its own software design.

Wileyfox after Cyanogen: Android Nougat is coming

The UK smartphone startup promises to deliver Android Nougat to its six devices in its portfolio after Cyanogen Inc. pulls support for its software.

British startup Wileyfox unveils fresh trio of inexpensive Cyanogen OS phones

Cyanogen Inc. doesn’t have many hardware-making partners left to support Cyanogen OS, but UK-based startup Wileyfox just unveiled three such devices.

Sprint’s new $50 unlimited everything plan is pretty sweet, but you probably can’t have it

A new Sprint plan has been just announced as one of the best deals in the wireless industry – unlimited everything for just $50. There’s a catch, though.
Sprint HTC One max

HTC One max review rebuttal: it’s bigger than you imagined

It’s been a couple of months since we first looked at the HTC One max. Now that the Sprint version has been released, let’s take another look.