Pocketnow Daily: Huawei Ban Update: China’s New Blacklist!? (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about China’s new ban to countries that have attacked Huawei, iPhone XIR design and more.
iPhone Xr

Another Japanese carrier cutting iPhone XR prices

A discount on new iPhones from the carrier side never really happens, but this year, we’ve seen plenty of it happening, especially for the iPhone XR…

Sprint/T-Mobile merger cleared by foreign investment regulator

The Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States has approved the deal and so have a few other government agencies. But it waits on the FCC.

Sprint and T-Mobile parents pledge to excise Huawei equipment to score merger approval

Deutsche Telekom and SoftBank are reportedly promising to US regulators that they will get rid of Huawei equipment on all of their networks.

Let there be a second Light | #PNWeekly 314

Thoughts on the KEY2, the refreshed MacBook Pro, holes against notches, dating with people who have iPhones and a whole lot more on our show this week!

Light made the phone with 16 cameras — it wants to make another

But with this imaging startup’s heavy focus on software-driven results, perhaps we’ll see fewer than 16 cameras on this phone.

ARM announces first 7nm processor core, Cortex-A76

The company also announced two complementary GPUs for AI-enhanced gaming graphics and for vibrant 4×4 full HD video walls.

Sprint adds New York among its first 5G markets

The carrier is also adding Phoenix and its hometown of Kansas City to its to-do list for 5G the first thing in 2019. This as it continues to work with T-Mobile to get government approval to merge.

Sprint joining the New T-Mobile with a priority on 5G

The combined carrier would bring big cost synergies, faster 5G deployment, more jobs to America and, yet, lower costs for consumers, the companies’ two CEOs say.

T-Mobile could pay Sprint $26 billion to merge, sources say

The deal would value Sprint shares at $6.50 apiece. It could be announced as early as Sunday. But it would have a long road to go before it closes.

Sprint and T-Mobile nearing deal again, potential announcement in days

Parent companies SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom are once again hashing out how much voting interest each would get over a combined number 3 US carrier.

ARM denies talking with potential dark horse buyer for Qualcomm

The designer of the processor cores that are somewhat likely in your phone right now says it has not talked with the man that wants to take the company that makes your phone’s main processor private.

TIDAL fighting to survive through 2018

Jay-Z’s streaming music service is internally expected to make money next year, but not before it hits zero on the bank balance.

Sprint tells investors about dearth of iPhone X deals, higher plan prices soon

There’s no merger with T-Mobile to come, so Sprint has to pull up its bootstraps and raise prices to get more A-game out of its network.

Sprint and Altice tie up partnership as SoftBank slips money into carrier

SoftBank has an 80-percent stake in the nation’s fourth-largest carrier. It will increase that stake and work with the fourth-largest cable provider.

CEOs of Sprint and T-Mobile talk a new offer, merger on lifeline

John Legere expressed on behalf of T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom that he wants a merger with Sprint to go on. SoftBank’s head honcho has been skeptical.

Sprint and T-Mobile merger in question as SoftBank reportedly defends ownership

SoftBank is reportedly questioning if it wants to lose control of Sprint, a carrier it’s been working to turn around for years.

Sharp AQUOS R compact tucks selfie camera into under-5-inch display

4.9 inches at 2032 x 1080. It’s an oddity in display resolutions, but it’s bright, it refreshes quick and it’s on a small form factor smartphone.

Sprint and T-Mobile said to cling to as much spectrum before conceding to government

The FCC and Department of Justice are set to look at a merger between the nation’s fourth- and third-largest cellular networks. They’ll be making demands.

SoftBank agrees to go ahead with T-Mobile merger deal

The Japanese conglomerate is now said to be willing to have its US carrier, Sprint, move in with Deutsche Telekom’s, T-Mobile.

Sprint hires lobbying firm with strong support for Trump as T-Mobile deal nears

The pick-up comes prior to what is expected to be a big October where Sprint and T-Mobile are expected to announce a merger.

Sprint and T-Mobile could merge in October

Sprint and T-Mobile failed to merge back in 2014. What happens now could come down the pipes in October, say sources close to negotiations.

Sprint and T-Mobile resume “active talks” on merger

The two could reach a deal in weeks or, as it’s happened a few times before, scrub out. Sprint has other interests it is looking to grab at.

Sprint 1Q17 earnings sees first profit in 3 years, bright M&A path ahead

The fourth largest carrier in the US made $206 million this quarter after years of losses. There’s more light at the end of the M&A tunnel, investors see.

John Malone, Warren Buffett may contribute billions to Sprint

The cable and investment moguls are talking with the CEO of Sprint’s parent company on a possible deal that could flip a T-Mobile merger on its head.