Librem One is a new privacy & freedom focused software suite for your smartphone

Sick of Facebook spying on your conversations, Apple pretending to care about security, Alexa employees laughing at the things you say, and Google collecting data from your email? The Librem One suite may be a good security defense for your smartphone.

Facebook Messenger Kids lets children chat with pre-approved contacts in total safety

Facebook has a new children-friendly instant messaging app available as a preview on US iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches, aptly named Messenger Kids.

Twitter display names can now be longer, account verification ‘paused’ in wake of controversy

Twitter is done dodging controversy over account verification, deemed broken by CEO Jack Dorsey himself. Meanwhile, you can now lengthen your display name.

Facebook gets with the times by adding global GIF support for social network comments

Finally, fi-na-lly, Facebook comments on your mobile device and desktop, Android, iOS and Windows, are fully GIFable.

Snapchat Spectacles are now available online and in Snapbots across the old continent

For £130 or €150, fashion and casual tech enthusiasts in more than a dozen European countries can now finally get their Snapchat Spectacles.

Facebook Messenger Day is the latest Snapchat Stories copycat for Android and iOS

Frames, effects, stickers, easy photo and video sharing, all available for just 24 hours. This Facebook Messenger Day thing sure sounds familiar.

Facebook is apparently testing a somewhat creepy ‘Discover People’ mobile feature

If you’re having trouble making or finding Facebook friends, this “Discover People” section currently being tested may help.. if it ever reaches the masses.

Time to say goodbye to the ‘classic’ Google+, yet welcome back Events

Google+ just won’t go away… completely, getting several new features (including an old one back) while dropping its “old” look altogether.

Microsoft announces all-cash $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn

After recently cutting its mobile-related losses, Microsoft decided to splash the cash (literally) on world-leading business social network LinkedIn.

Facebook enjoys another remarkable quarter, with growth across the board

Facebook surged to no less than 1.65 billion monthly active users in total in the past quarter, 1.51 billion of which visited the social network on mobile.

Pocketnow is now on Miitomo!!!

Nintendo has launched a hybrid social platform and mobile game and we are all up in it! Click through and find out what Miitomo is all about!

Samsung unveils in-development Waffle social network, Entrim 4D VR accessory

Samsung continues to look at different tech market-innovating angles, including a motion-sensing 4D accessory for Gear VR headsets.