Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Fold is Ready… Sort Of? (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fold and how it’s supposed to be ready, Apple’s take on Ive’s departure and more

Content Curation on Youtube and Social Media | #PNWeekly 352

Are companies responsible for keeping their content safe for viewers? The panel talks YouTube safety and digital wellness.

WhatsApp beta features reverse image search, in-app browser

It’s not exactly clear how the in-app browser will help cut the spread of fake news as much as the other feature on WhatsApp.

iQOO phone shown, doesn’t fold, has Snapdragon 855

Chinese tech manufacturer vivo is looking to push its newest brand, iQOO, into as big a spotlight as possible. What about NBA All-Star coverage?

Facebook confirms it’s in talks with the FTC, sources say over privacy settlement

The FTC has been determining if Facebook broke its promises to beef up privacy protections for its users in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

iQOO folding smartphone may have been leaked

Chinese smartphone manufacturer vivo has a new subsidiary, but we don’t know what it exactly stands for just yet. Could a foldable make a first impression?

Facebook Messenger unsend feature is rolling out, has a 10-minute limit

The feature, officially titled “Remove for Everyone,” lets Facebook Messenger users delete their own messages from the entire conversation.

Google+ shutdown for consumers is on April 2

Google+ had two big security holes punched into it last year and that has led us to this point: the end of life for the social network.

Facebook circumvented Apple to continue Onavo data collection project

“Project Atlas” has been caught out and Facebook is being punished by Apple for violation of its app distribution rules — not seemingly a privacy battle.

What’s causing faster battery drain in the OnePlus 6T?

A Reddit thread is growing with the confusion of dozens of OnePlus 6T owners wondering why their batteries have started choking out faster this week.

Huawei reportedly demotes two employees for iPhone tweet

The consequences? A fairly large cut in monthly wages and demotions. All for a tweet that wasn’t just a simple mistake, but tipped the political tide.

Huawei’s New Year’s tweet from an iPhone was especially weird

Okay, this stuff happens. Most workplaces don’t really care about what your personal phone is and we do a lot of work on them. But this fail was odd.

Instagram introduces voice messaging after every other messaging app did

If you needed to drop short voice messages with a friend on Instagram, the social network has now made it possible for you to do so.

Second Google+ API vulnerability admitted, network shutdown sped up

The Google+ meltdown is speeding up with another discovery of an API vulnerability that let third parties access users’ personal information.

Xiaomi to introduce a 48-megapixel smartphone camera in January

Huawei has its 40-megapixel cameras while Nokia had the Lumia 1020 with a 41-megapixel camera. Will Xiaomi beat them to a pulp in January?

Xiaomi president posts to Weibo with 5G Mi Mix 3

Lin Bin, like any tech executive in China, loves to tease the fans. He decided to do so with a social media post with a minor distinction.

Fold me, ‘splode me, iPhone and Galaxy | #PNWeekly 332

The Galaxy F gets a few new views while an iPhone X explodes after a software update. Also on our show, why you should buy a Mac Mini and iPad Pro together.

Twitter CEO slow plays development of edit button

Believe it or not, Jack Dorsey does have his reasons for putting the edit button on skids despite a voracious crowd wanting it so badly.

WhatsApp testing Vacation Mode on iOS, a feature already on Android app

Silencing a conversation thread on WhatsApp is quite easy, but only if you’re on Android. It may soon be easy on iOS as well.

OnePlus 6T in-display fingerprint sensor confirmed to work optically

OnePlus had confirmed that the 6T would have a fingerprint sensor beneath its display. Now, it has also confirmed how that component will work.

Google+ will shut down after WSJ revealed private data exposure

The data breach allowed app developers to collect data from not only consenting users, but those who shared private data with those users.

Made by Google promo presses hard on Pixel 3 XL notch hate

Actually, it’s cutting into all of the commentary by the YouTube tech press on what’s been going on with these Pixel 3 leaks.

Make media? You can win a trip to the OnePlus 6T event in the US and India

Ten lucky creators will get an all-expenses paid VIP package surrounding the OnePlus 6T launch events in New York and New Delhi.

Xiaomi may be opening its first store in the UK

The Chinese company is headed for the United Kingdom and some suspect it’s going to make a splash on the high streets thanks to a contest.

Getting less from the iPhone XS? | #PNWeekly 325

Also on our show, Qualcomm is batting up at Apple while hoping to get back together with it and the executive crises at Facebook.