MediaTek Helio P65 is an octa-core chip with 48MP camera support

The MediaTek Helio P65 is a mid-range octa-core application processor that offers support for cameras up to 48 megapixels.

Global smartphone processor shipments will continue to fall this year

Smartphone application processor shipments will continue to fall globally this year, according to a recent DigiTimes Research.

Qualcomm fully details impressive Snapdragon 710 SoC for affordable ‘high-tier’ phones

The first Android smartphones powered by Qualcomm’s hot new Snapdragon 710 processor will apparently be released by the end of the quarter, possibly supporting various “premium” technologies at an affordable price point.

MediaTek brings advanced 12nm technology to low-end market with Helio P22 SoC

MediaTek’s Helio P22 is by far the world’s humblest 12nm-based processor, potentially opening the door for some crazy affordable smartphones with stellar battery life.

Samsung is ‘talking to all OEMs’, ZTE included, to expand the reach of its Exynos chips

Samsung’s in-house Exynos processors, currently powering exclusively Galaxy devices and a few Meizu phones, may soon expand to handsets made by more companies, including ZTE.

Qualcomm reportedly wants TSMC, not Samsung, to make the Snapdragon 855

Samsung, the makers of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, 835, 821 and 820 processors, could lose the Snapdragon 855 production contract to bitter rivals TSMC.

Qualcomm details Snapdragon 845 specs and focus points

It has a dedicated security processing unit, more artificial intelligence branches to camera and mixed reality processing and the beefiest cores yet.
Intel Atom

LG takes out trademarks for “KROMAX” and “EPIK” chipsets

LG has been coming to Intel every so often in an attempt to skirt Qualcomm’s bloated presence for some silicon. It could be realized soon.

What Snapdragon 836? Pixel 2 will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Leaks and rumors have pinned the Pixel 2 (and, to a lesser extent, the Pixel XL 2) to feature a Snapdragon 835. Qualcomm is said to have no 836 plans.

Snapdragon 670 specs leaked as Qualcomm is rumored to bump up Adreno GPU

The biggest improvement to this chipset series could bring it the closest to par to the big flagship SoCs early next year.

Huawei reveals the HiSilicon Kirin 970 chipset

The company uses a proprietary CPU core design to help it reach competition-smashing speeds. It’s now catching up with a dedicated AI sub-chip.

MediaTek Helio P30 leads mid-range, P23 delivers a class upgrade

The Helio P10 started things off as a fairly popular mid-range chip for OEMs. The Helio P20 was slow to pick up. So, how are the P30 and P23 going to do?

Yup, that’s a tiny 10nm-based TSMC A10X chip inside the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro

One of the reasons Apple needed so much time to launch the long-rumored 10.5-inch iPad Pro is likely this super-small TSMC-made A10X SoC.

Samsung continues to ramp up investments in OLED screen and SoC production facilities worldwide

The world’s top manufacturer of smartphone displays is sure not resting on its laurels, spending fortunes on OLED and chip-making factories.

iPad Pro 10.5 benchmark reveals 4GB RAM, impressive scores

The A10X Fusion chipset inside the new iPad Pro models cooks. It destroys the A9X on single-core and multi-core Geekbench tests.

Apple chipset leader is now Google’s

Google has been planning on making its own chipsets for a long time. It’s now making the necessary hires from all points, including Apple, to do so.

LG and Qualcomm working to get Snapdragon 845 on G7

The story about the G6 getting the Snapdragon 821 instead of the Snapdragon 835 may be a little more complicated than we have first thought.

ARM debuts Cortex-A55, Cortex-A75 and Mali-G72 GPU

The cores responsible for that Snapdragon or Helio chip that’s responsible for running your phone are getting a big replacement run.

Samsung working towards 4nm lithography and the step ahead of FinFET

Silicon may be a boring topic for consumers, but smaller and more efficient chip processes mean that device OEMs can fit more into phones.

Newest chip from MediaTek supports Google Assistant, Android Things

As Google Assistant looks to expand its integration into other home appliances beyond the company’s own, MediaTek is making a play with a new chip.

Intel, Samsung back FTC in continuing Qualcomm antitrust suit

The two chipmakers have reinforced allegations that their market-leading rival has disengaged with the competition and left device-makers stranded.

With problems cleared up, Apple orders A11 chips from TSMC for iPhone 8

The processor inside the next iPhone is getting made right now. Also being made are processors for some Android phones, too.

Google Pixel 2 devices noted with Snapdragon 835 changes on AOSP gerrit

Walleye, Muskie and Taimen are supposed the names of the next-generation Google Pixel phones that will be getting the Snapdragon 835.

Xiaomi “Pinecone” chipset project may be wedge against Qualcomm’s licensing rage

Rumors have been rounding the forest for a long time about Xiaomi’s in-house processor and it seems that we’re getting within weeks of a “Pinecone” phone.

MediaTek finally launches Helio P25 for mid-range dual-camera phones

The Helio P25 is pretty much like the Helio P20 introduced earlier on, but with support for dual-camera image signal processing.