Motorola trialing Android Oreo on Moto Z2 Play with Brazil soak

The mid-range device is getting the first taste of Android 8.0 in South America. It is hoped that Verizon users will get this update soon.

As Galaxy S8 Oreo beta program nears its end, Note 8 soak tests are underway

That long-awaited Galaxy S8 Oreo update might be right around the corner, and the Galaxy Note 8 shouldn’t take long to officially embrace Android 8.0 either.

Moto Z and Z2 Force move one step closer to official Oreo update with soak test in Brazil

The official, wide-scale Android 8.0 Oreo rollout for last year’s Moto Z and the 2017 Z2 Force could be just days away now that soak tests are underway.

Android Nougat soaking into US Moto X Pure Edition units

The Moto X Pure Edition is just coming into Android Nougat… very slowly. Like, people still have to sign up for the soak test.

Moto G4 Plus could be company’s first smartphone on Nougat, with soak test underway in Brazil

Motorola guns for bragging rights over rivals working on Android Nougat updates, but the Moto G4 Plus, not the Z, is the one soak-tested.