LG G7 Fit, 2018’s Snapdragon 821 phone, available soon

It’s like the LG G7 ThinQ, only thinner on the inside and outside. It’s a very interesting offering late in 2018 and it’s available starting now.

LG and Qualcomm working to get Snapdragon 845 on G7

The story about the G6 getting the Snapdragon 821 instead of the Snapdragon 835 may be a little more complicated than we have first thought.

Official Snapdragon 835 benchmarks shine, but on a reference device

The Snapdragon 835 gets official benchmark runs against Snap 821, 820, Exynos 8890 and Kirin 960 devices. And the numbers look good… for a reference bed.

Playing it safe all the way? LG G6 candidate benchmarked with Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM

We can’t be sure this is the LG G6, although it certainly fits the description, sadly packing a previous-gen Qualcomm SoC and 4 gigs of memory.

LG G6 tipped to ‘play it safe’ with removable battery dropped in favor of water resistance

You know that user-removable battery you liked so much about last year’s LG G5 and V20? You’ll probably have to make do without one on the LG G6.

LG G6 gets new view, getting Snapdragon 821?

A new picture of a rumored phone and an old chipset, too. Why is it so hard to obtain the freshly-minted Snapdragon 835 right now?

What these HTC U Ultra leaks have to do with the LG V20

These are pretty much teaser shots at this point, but what we have learned from Evan Blass is that the U Ultra might hold a Snapdragon 821.

Qualcomm pre-announces ASUS Tango phone, the ZenFone AR

It’s Google’s second phone with its Tango AR technology and ASUS can claim a first with having both Tango and Daydream VR together at once.

Qualcomm’s first 10nm-based processor is the Samsung-manufactured Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm is officially following up the 14nm-based Snapdragon 820 and 821 processors with the Samsung-made 10nm Snapdragon 835.

Watch the OnePlus 3T launch event livestream at 1pm Eastern

The company is launching another smartphone that will “Never Settle” for anything less than the best. Well, we will have to see about that.

Google Daydream spec published in Android Nougat Compatibility Document

If a manufacturer wants its Android Nougat device to support high-intensity virtual reality tasks, it’ll need to follow device spec.

OnePlus confirms Snapdragon 821 device for November 15 event, likely OnePlus 3T

The focus of today’s video teaser for this “T” device is about the Snapdragon 821, or, for lack of a better description, a slightly faster Snapdragon 820.
Soft Gold OnePlus 3

Qualcomm teases ‘something new’ from OnePlus, powered by Snapdragon 821

Qualcomm may have just confirmed the imminent arrival of that oft-rumored OnePlus 3T on Twitter, Snapdragon 821 processing power in tow.

OnePlus 3T specs refined, reveal date could be November 14

A sightly bigger battery, a slightly faster processor, a major change in the display? And what’s this about a sleek black color?

OnePlus 3S could quickly come as OnePlus 3 parts supply depletes

The connotations of a OnePlus 3S are that the looks don’t change much, but the insides will. LCD instead of AMOLED? Snapdragon 821 instead of 820?

Le Pro 3 sold out in 15 seconds, pre-orders number six-fold over LeEco prepared units

That’s 3.5 million pre-orders over a lot of 500,000 phones with a Snapdragon 821 in them. Yep, it’s definitely a hot commodity.

Xiaomi Mi 5s is officially teased for looming debut with high AnTuTu score

The Xiaomi Mi 5s is guaranteed to break cover on September 27, with Snapdragon 821 muscle in tow, standard 6GB RAM, and a low price tag.

$300 LeEco Le Pro 3 amazingly features Snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM, huge battery

The LeEco Le Pro 3 is only the world’s second Snapdragon 821 smartphone, with 6GB RAM and other impressive specs fetching just $300 in China.

Xiaomi Mi 5s now practically confirmed for September 27 announcement

September 27 will definitely bring the Xiaomi Mi 5s, not Mi Note 2 or Pro, to light, likely with Snapdragon 821 processing power in tow.

Weibo: Exynos 8895 could clock up to 3GHz

That’s pretty damn fast for a smartphone. But even at that pace, the Exynos 8895, as rumored by one Chinese tech analyst, is said to keep its cool.

Exciting new Xiaomi Mi 5s rumors call for Snapdragon 821 SoC, ultrasonic fingerprint reader

The looming Xiaomi Mi 5s is starting to sound like more than a modest, incremental Mi 5 upgrade, with improved raw performance and biometrics rumored.

AnTuTu claims to log LeEco Pro 3 with Snapdragon 821

The Chinese benchmarking firm says that this rumored phone will also get 6GB of RAM. Other rumors point to a thin phone and a big battery.

More details on Snapdragon 821 improvements

Small steps, small percentages, but there’s plenty to be excited about for the Snapdragon 821… if you’re ASUS launching the ZenFone Deluxe 3.

Weibo hits up the Le 2s Pro with a different design in mind

Dual cameras? Not here. 8GB of RAM? Take half and run with it. Snapdragon 821? Give or take 1 or 2 points, sure. We still have a hard time with this thing.

LeEco Le 2S rumored to get 8GB of RAM

Do we really need rumors about this phone? Talking about 8GB of RAM? Like, really? Let the company just reveal and we’ll believe it, okay?