Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 12 with a LARGER Qualcomm Touch ID?!(video)

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Samsung foldable clamshell smartphone

Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 SIGNIFICANTLY Cheaper?! (video)

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New renders give us the possible design of the Samsung Galaxy S11e

We have new renders of the new Samsung Galaxy S11e that gets some design changes when compared to its predecessor the Galaxy S10e

LG G8: What is this ThinQ? | #PNWeekly 353

Joshua Vergara and Jaime Rivera get together this week to talk about the LG G8 and its unique features after recounting some Qualcomm announcements and Samsung’s surprise Galaxy A80!

Qualcomm says 30 devices will use its Snapdragon X50 5G modem this year

Qualcomm proudly announced at CES that this year there will be more than 30 devices from global OEMs using its Snapdragon X50 5G modem.

New Snapdragon chips get bechmarked

Benchmark results are popping up for new Qualcomm Snapdragon chips, possibly the 855 and 1000, teasing what they are capable of.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2500 chip could help make kid watches mainstream

Despite what the name suggests, Qualcomm’s all-new Snapdragon Wear 2500 platform is not a true Wear 2100 sequel. But it’s still an interesting wearable SoC.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 is the world’s ‘first dedicated XR platform’ for ‘mainstream’ use

XR stands for “Extended Reality”, which basically lumps VR and AR together, with Qualcomm aiming to power the next wave of “mainstream”, high-quality, affordable XR headsets.

Samsung is ‘talking to all OEMs’, ZTE included, to expand the reach of its Exynos chips

Samsung’s in-house Exynos processors, currently powering exclusively Galaxy devices and a few Meizu phones, may soon expand to handsets made by more companies, including ZTE.

These could be the beastly specs of the ‘mid-range’ Snapdragon 710 and 730 processors

The 10 nm-based Snapdragon 710 might be Qualcomm’s first 700-series SoC to see daylight soon, followed by an absolutely phenomenal-looking 8 nm Snapdragon 730.

Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 700 SoC family for affordable ‘high-tier’ smartphones

If smartphones powered by Snapdragon 800-series chips are too rich for your blood, but the 600 family feels like too big of a downgrade, Snapdragon 700 SoCs will soon have you covered.

T-Mobile and AT&T join Sprint and Verizon in supporting Always Connected PCs

Set to go on sale “this calendar quarter” across a number of leading retailers in various global markets, Qualcomm and Microsoft’s Always Connected PCs will have the full backing of America’s big four carriers.

Qualcomm releases new parts to add to Snapdragon chips to support 600MHz

This portfolio of amplifiers, duplex filters and other microcomponents are in testing now and should be out to serve T-Mobile customers next year.

Qualcomm makes true 5G connectivity possible in Snapdragon X50 modem tests

5G speeds are still a distant dream for regular mobile device users, but Qualcomm has crossed the barrier in its Snapdragon X50 modem tests.

Next-gen Qualcomm Spectra ISP aims to unify and improve Android depth-sensing tech

Qualcomm obviously wants to lead the upcoming AR, VR, MR and “XR” revolution, supporting advanced depth-sensing tech for Android products.

Qualcomm further confirms ARM-based Windows 10 devices are coming soon with Snapdragon 835

Windows 10 should run on at least one ARM-based mobile processor by the end of the year inside 2-in-1 PCs, according to Qualcomm.

Everything you need to know about Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC has come to light

Qualcomm had to hold on to Snapdragon 835’s secrets just a few hours longer, but Evan Blass somehow obtained the press release a little early.

Qualcomm unveils three new mid-range Snapdragon processors with dual camera support

Due out over the next few months, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 427, 626 and 653 processors mainly aim to bring dual cameras to more phones.

Qualcomm brings Gigabit Class LTE and 5G speeds closer with router and modem launches

Qualcomm is at the forefront of Gigabit Class LTE and 5G network technology breakthroughs, unveiling an exciting new router and modem.

Samsung makes long overdue jump from 28 to 14nm wearable processors with Exynos 7270

The Samsung Exynos 7270 is the industry’s very first 14nm-based mobile application processor designed specifically for wearables.

Qualcomm Quadrooter bug affecting 900 million Android phones to be patched next month

Quadrooter is one name for four security holes found in Qualcomm chips. Those chips are on nearly a billion Android devices. And everyone’s fixing it.

Rehashed Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 models with Snapdragon crop up in Germany

Galaxy Tab S3? Hardly, and Samsung doesn’t seem afraid to admit the “new” Galaxy Tab S2 configurations are extremely similar to “old” ones.

Processors are hard enough to tell apart already, so why is Qualcomm renaming two of them?

Telling the capabilities of processors apart isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when someone like Qualcomm renames two SoCs out of the blue.

A closer look at the Snapdragon 6xx family

What are the difference between the SoCs in the Snapdragon 6xx family & should you get a 6xx instead of a Snapdragon 8xx in your next phone? Let’s find out!
Snapdragon 810

Snapdragon 810 issues make this the perfect time for a new SoC maker to take the lead

Rumors of the Snapdragon 810 overheating are nothing new, but as Qualcomm scurries with damage control, could another SoC manufacturer take the lead?