WhatsApp might be working on Snapchat-like “self-destructing” messages

WhatsApp was spotted testing a “Delete messages” feature in its latest beta for Android (version 2.19.348). Check out the details!

Snapchat has just released the new and more expensive Spectacles 3

You can now get Snapchat’s new Spectacles 3 to let everybody see the world through your perspective

Pocketnow Daily: Where is the Galaxy Fold? (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy Fold being canceled, a new foldable design and more.

Snapchat discontinues Snapcash feature on August 30

As of August 30, 2018, Snapchat will shut down the Snapcash feature. Users will be notified within the app, but the company didn’t publicly explain its decision in a recent statement it made.

Snapchat’s new Spectacles now on Amazon

The $150 pair of sunglasses purportedly does more than just protect your eyes. It helps users tell their story. For Snapchat, its story needed this move.

Unsinkable Apple, fallible Android | #PNWeekly 300

On this week’s show, Apple continues to ruffle feathers for the way it conducts business and gets away with it. Meanwhile, another dirty secret about Android slips loose.

Believe it or not, Snap’s ‘002’ Spectacles could be right around the corner

Despite the spectacular failure of the initially well-received Spectacles, Snap Inc. looks keen to release a second version soon, possibly followed by a third next year.

After Facebook, BlackBerry also wants Snap to pay for messaging patent infringement

Canada-based BlackBerry Limited may be out of the mobile phone-making business, but it’s certainly not out of the tech company-suing business, setting its sights on Snap Inc shortly after Facebook.

Instagram may allow regrams within Stories

In one way, this should help ‘Grammers reach their fans and friends with posts that might otherwise get lost in the feed that Instagram has so lovingly curated.

Google says Pixel Visual Core is not used for Pixel 2’s native camera app

The company said so in an interview published in November. Why is it the case that Facebook can use this machine-learning co-processor, but not Google Camera?

Direct from Instagram puts focus on interpersonal pic sharing

Imagine a Snapchat stripped of curated content, just stuff from friends. Now imagine Instagram stuffing payment systems and bots and stickers…

Apple unveils long list of 2017 App Store and iTunes bestsellers and editorial selections

The App Store’s most popular 2017 titles are not very surprising, but the editorial choices for the year’s top apps and games could catch you off guard.

Will Samsung have the balls to make a graphene battery? | #PNWeekly 281

Graphene as a battery material has been floating around for decades, but will Samsung finally get to harnessing its power? We discuss on our show!

Snapchat to revamp app to divide “social” from “media”

Content from publishers will have a clearer delineation away from the special moments that friends share with users, CEO Evan Spiegel says.

Snapchat Context Cards will let users Uber or Lyft to places their friends are at

If the place on the Snap is on the Snap Map, just swipe up and look into when it’s open, how good people think it is and how much it’ll cost to ride over.

Snapchat ART will guide users through augmented reality exhibits

Jeff Koons is the first artist that will have his exhibits displayed in this program, spanning 11 locations across the globe to start.

Snapchat Spectacles sales slip 35 percent sequentially

It’s eyewear for the socially mediated, but less of those people are pulling down the checkout tab for Snap’s specs than the quarter before.

Snapchat Spectacles are now available on Amazon in the US for same old $130 price

Initially available only in physical “Snapbots”, then on Snapchat’s official website as well, Spectacles have finally expanded to Amazon stateside.

Microsoft is reformatting Skype and is clearing away older apps

How is Skype being shaped? Why, like Snapchat, of course! Stickers, shortform video loops and a whole lot more is coming your way on the big platforms.

Snapchat Spectacles are now available online and in Snapbots across the old continent

For £130 or €150, fashion and casual tech enthusiasts in more than a dozen European countries can now finally get their Snapchat Spectacles.

Facebook tries to beat Snapchat at its own game with Stories for all, new camera effects and more

Usually, it’s the underdogs that take inspiration from market leaders, but Facebook isn’t afraid to go the other way around and follow Snapchat’s suit.

Facebook Messenger Day is the latest Snapchat Stories copycat for Android and iOS

Frames, effects, stickers, easy photo and video sharing, all available for just 24 hours. This Facebook Messenger Day thing sure sounds familiar.

Forget MWC 2017, how about Android Oreo in space? | #PNWeekly 241

So, forget the whole MWC 2017 thing, let’s just do a whole podcast on Snapchat Spectacles, LTE-U and Android Pocky. How’s about that?

Snapchat Spectacles no longer on the move, available for anyone to purchase online

The simplistic but fashionable and super-affordable Snapchat Spectacles smartglasses are finally up for grabs on the web, at least stateside.

Snapchat Spectacles, because we all loved Google Glass

The privacy debates that it brought up were damaging. In terms of Snapchat, instant communication to a selective audience really might work people over.