Biggest US carriers have united, not to give us RCS messaging, but a new messaging app
We thought we could get RCS thanks to the biggest carriers in the US in 2020, but it seems we will have to settle for a new messaging app
Google kills Allo sooner than it will kill(?) Hangouts
Shortly after rumors piled on about recent internal shakeups with Google’s messaging clients, Google came to confirm the news: Allo is dead.
T-Mobile Galaxy S9 owners suffer privacy-violating Samsung Messages update
The update allows Samsung Messages to support T-Mobile’s new RCS protocol, but it also apparently sent an entire photo gallery unprompted.
Android Messages for web is rolling out, bringing RCS everywhere
Who cares if your computer is a Mac or Windows or even Linux? If you have a web browser, you can access your Android phone’s messages now.
The 1975 are playing… games with Android SMS logs and Google search
If you’re searching up details about the rock band from Manchester or a Portuguese travel agency, you may end up finding out more about your recent texts instead.
Google leaves Allo for dead, shifting its focus on Android Messages and universal ‘Chat’ technology
Technically, Allo is not dead… just yet. But you may want to switch to Android Messages already, and get ready to forget all about archaic SMS technology.
FTC starts private investigation into Facebook privacy concerns
Among many of them is the fact that Facebook collected the metadata of Android users’ phone calls and text messages. The company says it was an opt-in procedure, but screenshots make the practice more vague than it seems.
Huawei integrating Android Messages app for SMS/RCS
The app will allow Huawei phones in the near future to access RCS. Huawei is also helping Google out by providing servers to carriers for their clouds.
Meet Neil Papworth, the happenstance pioneer of SMS
25 years later, texting has evolved way beyond its original status as a cellular pager. And it all started with a Christmas party at Vodafone offices.
Mystery bug randomly makes Galaxy S8 and S8+ users worldwide miss text messages
It may not sound as destructive as an exploding battery, but a new and seemingly widespread Galaxy S8 messaging issue is vexing in its own right.
OnePlus 5 India offer features misleading marketing
You can get Rs. 1,500 cash back if you buy a OnePlus 5 with an SBI card. But let’s talk about how the phone’s best-selling ever.
Is it time to close the door on SMS messaging?
SMS messaging is a trusty standby for messaging capability, but is it too antiquated to keep up and running? Or do we need its reliability?
iPhone 7 Plus screenshots sent to Pixel getting distorted
Google Pixel users have been getting stretched, discolored screenshots through MMS from iPhone 7 Plus users. What’s happening here?
Patent firm Voip-Pal looks for $7 billion as it sues Apple, AT&T, Verizon
Voip-Pal is looking for $7 billion in cumulative damages from the suits against the three companies or licensing agreements.
OK Google Answering Machine
Google Now just got answering machine-like functionality – here’s how to use it
Keep your hands on the wheel! Thanks to the new Google Now Answering Machine feature, your Android can read your texts to you – and let you reply, too!
AT&T NumberSync delivers cross-device messaging through your existing phone number
Meet AT&T NumberSync, the new service that lets you read and reply to your smartphone’s messages from tablets and wearables.
Google launches Messenger app for SMS/MMS, separate from Hangouts
Learn about the release of Google Messenger and why it’s so odd, considering Google’s recent focus on Hangouts above all else.
Google Voice coming to Hangouts: the good, the bad, the ugly
Google Voice coming to Hangouts will happen eventually, but what are the drawbacks, and why is it taking so long?
wifi fallback
Voice and text should (optionally) fall-back to WiFi networks whenever possible
Cellular telephony isn’t perfect & users can find themselves falling into coverage holes. Read on to see if the solution could be a WiFi fallback strategy.
How Hangouts Will Change the Way I Communicate
On Wednesday, Google re-branded its Talk messenger service to Hangouts. How will the Google Hangouts app change how we communicate? Read on to find out!
Leave A Message After The Beep: Answering-Machine Apps for Android
I’m a text-message snob, so these days, I don’t get as many phone calls as I used to. Still, they do come in, and some of them are important. Sure, if I have my phone in my hand, I can select “reject with text” and send an SMS to the caller -a stock feature in Android ICS- but what if I’m in the shower or asleep? I hate voicemail. So for those times I’m unreachable, I’d like to have the convenience of a virtual secretary to handle my auto-responses for me.
Why Are We Still Using SMS?
It’s not just the price-gouging aspect that’s making the future of SMS dubious; it’s its inherent limitations. Text messaging is almost twenty years old, and it’s beginning to show its age in some inconvenient ways.