Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Samsung breaks quarterly profit records yet again, mostly thanks to chips and high-end phones

Samsung made more money between January and March 2018 than ever before, specifically around $14.5 billion in operating profit, but no thanks to the iPhone X.

Apple captured 86 percent of Q4 2017 smartphone profits, 35 percent came from the iPhone X alone

Apple is the unrivaled world heavyweight champion of smartphone profits, according to the latest Counterpoint Research analysis, with the iPhone X proving particularly lucrative during Q4 2017.

Sony’s mobile numbers continue to drop ahead of major management restructuring

Sony will have a new CEO, CFO and mobile business skipper starting April 1, reporting astounding overall financial results for fiscal Q3 2017, but once again losing on smartphones.

LG Electronics boasts record full-year 2017 revenues, ‘narrowed’ Q4 smartphone losses

LG lost another $192 million on smartphones during Q4 2017, nonetheless reporting all-time high overall annual revenues of $55.4 billion.

Samsung Electronics appoints three new co-CEOs, announces full record-setting Q3 2017 results

Samsung Electronics is keen to avoid a leadership “vacuum” with a younger new generation of managers while making even more money during Q3 than Q2 2017.

Samsung Electronics loses its CEO on the same day that another record quarter is forecasted

Samsung Electronics might be making crazy amounts of money right now, but an “unprecedented crisis inside out” continues to shake up its management.

Samsung could earn over $14 billion through 2019 making iPhone X components

The iPhone X was always supposed to be lucrative for Apple arch-rival Samsung, but $14 billion may exceed the chaebol’s wildest dreams.

Analysts predict two more record-breaking quarters for Samsung this year

Samsung could enjoy three consecutive quarters of record profits this year, with Q3 and Q4 tallies projected at $12.5 billion and $13.6 billion.

Samsung releases final record-crushing Q2 profit numbers, Galaxy S8 and chips deemed top performers

Samsung profit numbers exceeded expectations and crushed past records during the year’s second quarter, thanks mainly to chips, OLEDs and Galaxy S8s.
LG G6 review

LG predicts shrinking overall Q2 profits, high G6 marketing costs likely to cause massive division loss

Instead of helping LG’s smartphone division finally yield a quarterly profit, the G6 contributed to bigger losses and lower overall earnings.

Samsung nearly beats all-time quarterly profit records before even launching the Galaxy S8

Revenue from Samsung’s Note 7-afflicted mobile division predictably declined this beginning of the year, but overall profits were boosted by components.
Galaxy S7

What Galaxy Note 7 debacle? Samsung releases stellar Q4 2016 and full-year financial results

Memory chips, displays, as well as low and high-end smartphones, have helped Samsung not just neutralize Note 7 losses, but post healthy Q4 2016 profits.

Huawei, Vivo and OPPO share modest Q3 domination of Android smartphone profits

With Samsung at least temporarily out of the smartphone profit picture, China’s Huawei, Vivo and OPPO followed Apple in the global Q3 ranks.

Apple seizes more than 100 percent of Q3 smartphone profits, as almost all other OEMs lose money

It doesn’t sound mathematically possible, but it is, and Apple pulled it off – 103.6 percent of Q3 smartphone profits went to iOS handhelds.