The Privacy Friendly Librem 5 is now shipping (for cool people)
If you’re getting concerned about how much of your privacy is sucked up and used by the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, etc., you probably should be. The Librem 5 smartphone aims to give control back to the user.
Samsung Galaxy Band? Bend? A phone on your wrist
We’ll just tentatively call it the Galaxy Band. Samsung has patented a device which basically is a phone that wraps around your wrist.
Would you use a Conversational UI smartphone?
Speech-based user interfaces are becoming increasingly popular. Would you use a smartphone that was focused solely on a conversational interface?
Samsung’s Project V was a foldable phone much like the Axon M was one
If you recall what ZTE did in taking a second screen and tacking it onto a phone, this is what this canceled prototype was going for.
NOA N7 and NOA N1
NOA N7 and N1 hands-on at MWC 2018 (video)
Croatian smartphone manufacturer NOA didn’t just bring its notched N10 prototype handset to MWC 2018. The company also launched two more design-savvy, ultra-widescreen, dual-camera phones, the mid-range N7 and lower-end N1.
NOA N10 eyes-on at MWC 2018 (video)
You probably haven’t heard of NOA smartphones before, but you should have. This Croatian company sells affordable, premium-looking, feature-packed, mid-range handsets in Croatia and several other eastern European countries. Today we look at the NOA N10.
Quick take: CAT S41 rugged smartphone (video)
Are you a contractor who measures phone life-expectancy in weeks? If you need a bulletproof handset (maybe literally) with extreme battery life, I think the CAT S41 is definitely worth considering. You might just want to wait for a sale.
Manufacturing the R11: Shenzhen Oppo Factory Tour – 360° Video
Have you ever been curious how your phone is made? We took a trip to Shenzhen China. Manufacturing the R11: Shenzhen Oppo Factory Tour!
BlackBerry KEYone Review: It keeps going, and going…
Read more about our final impressions of the BlackBerry KEYone, as we’ve learned that this phone is actually about more than just a keyboard.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: To infinity and beyond?
Check out our full Galaxy S8 review, one of the hottest smartphones of 2017. This is more than just another flagship. Read and find out more!
Smartphone Addiction and Digital Mental Health: Dr. Timothy Fong Interview, UCLA Neuroscience (Video)
We talk to Dr. Timothy Fong, a psychiatrist researching addiction at UCLA, about smartphone addiction, technology research, digital mental health and more.
Android Battery Optimization
The state of Android Battery Optimization: it sucks
Android battery optimization sucks, claims our own Juan Carlos Bagnell in his editorial. Why? Hear him out in this video and let us know if you agree.
Google Pixel XL Review: Successfully Succeeding the Nexus
How has the Pixel XL aged over the last two months? Is it the king of the Android hill? Best camera ever? Here’s our long term Google Pixel XL Review!
ZTE Project CSX Phase Two working on “SpiderPhone,” Android Powerglove, VR diving mask
Would you want a phone that can stick anywhere and a display only you can read? How about a powerglove to learn how to play piano? Or a VR diving mask?
ZTE Axon 7 Unboxing: Budget busting first impressions
Is this the real flagship budget busting smartphone of 2016? We’re going to find out! Here’s our ZTE Axon 7 un-boxing and first impressions!
Moto G4 and G4 Plus Review: A spectrum of budget options
Now we have a series of devices for the new Moto G4. Which tier of budget handset is right for you? Here’s our Moto G4 and G4 Plus review.
Meet Queen University’s HoloFlex, a flexible smartphone that produces holograms
It’s a phone with a bendy, holographic display and it was dreamed up by a whole lab of scholars in Canada. It’s the HoloFlex.
Microsoft needs to make an x86 phone
Find out why it’s time for an x86 smartphone that runs full Windows 10 and real Windows programs.
OPPO F1 Review: Decent? Yes. Expert? No. (Video)
“Selfie Expert” is what OPPO is going with for the F1. It’s a mid-range device, so that’s going to be a tall order to pull off. Does it do so? Find out.
$6,000: the price of an Aston Martin Racing 808
How we wish smartphones cost double-oh-seven dollars. Tongue out of cheek, we…
iPhone 6s review: reinventing the Multi Touch, not the wheel
The S cycle is an interesting part of the iPhone buying experience.…
Some of the awesome things you can do with a 512 GB smartphone
All of the top-end smartphones these days are listing up to 2…
Three fun things to do on the LG G3 (Video)
The LG G3 is one of the best smartphones of today, and it’s packed with tons of software features. Watch as we detail three fun LG G3 features!
Do you care about smartphone display color accuracy? (Poll)
Smartphone displays are more impressive than ever before. Do you care about smartphone display color accuracy? Take our poll and let us know what you think!
Have you ever broken a phone? (Poll)
Have you ever broken a phone? Several of us here at Pocketnow have, and some of us have not. Take part in our poll and tell us if you have, too!