Believe it or not, Snap’s ‘002’ Spectacles could be right around the corner

Despite the spectacular failure of the initially well-received Spectacles, Snap Inc. looks keen to release a second version soon, possibly followed by a third next year.

Magic Leap One goggles are coming next year to AR ‘creators’ and devs

The Magic Leap One augmented reality system consists of oversized goggles, a “Lightpack” brain and handheld controller, shipping to devs in 2018.

Snapchat Spectacles are now available on Amazon in the US for same old $130 price

Initially available only in physical “Snapbots”, then on Snapchat’s official website as well, Spectacles have finally expanded to Amazon stateside.

Snapchat Spectacles are now available online and in Snapbots across the old continent

For £130 or €150, fashion and casual tech enthusiasts in more than a dozen European countries can now finally get their Snapchat Spectacles.

Apple’s AR ‘paradigm shift’ to start with iPhone 8, smartglasses still ‘a ways off’

Maybe a fancy new exterior design isn’t going to be the number one selling point of the 2017 iPhone 8, what with AR functionality in the pipeline.

Speculation slowly ramps up over various iPhone 8 AR features, including 3D mapping

While augmented reality doesn’t seem ready for primetime yet, Apple may start to integrate ‘moderate’ 3D mapping on this year’s iPhone 8.

Snapchat Spectacles no longer on the move, available for anyone to purchase online

The simplistic but fashionable and super-affordable Snapchat Spectacles smartglasses are finally up for grabs on the web, at least stateside.

Microsoft reportedly thinks the world can wait until 2019 for an upgraded HoloLens

Don’t hold your breath for a HoloLens v2 announcement this year or the next, rumor has it, as Microsoft takes its time to develop something big.

Apple and Carl Zeiss might be gunning for joint release of AR smartglasses this year

German manufacturer of optical systems Carl Zeiss AG is expected to help Apple join the slowly blossoming augmented reality hardware market later this year.

Qualcomm and ODG partner on first Snapdragon 835-based AR/VR smartglasses

Two exciting new pairs of AR/VR smartglasses have just been announced at CES 2017, with Snapdragon 835 inside, and ODM in charge of manufacturing.