cross platform wearables
Mobile operating systems are to blame for lousy cross platform wearables
Cross platform wearables are few and far between, and their usefulness varies widely. Are the operating systems on our phones to blame?
Huawei Watch review: sharp style at a princely price
The Huawei Watch isn’t just the newest smartwatch to hit the Google Store – it’s also the priciest. Hit up our full review to see if it’s worth the coin!
Gear S2
Can the Gear S2’s awesome hardware overcome its software shortcomings?
Given the popularity of the Apple Watch and Android Wear, will developers invest the time to write for the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S2?
Five smartwatch problems you’d think they’d have solved by now
The modern wearable is a fantastic little gadget, but it’s also flawed. Here are five smartwatch problems we’d like to see fixed sooner rather than later.
Pebble Time unboxing & hardware tour (Video)
It’s been over two years since the debut of the first Pebble smartwatch. Join us for our first look at the next generation, the Pebble Time!
The Apple Watch is nothing new (but it’s about to change everything)
The Apple Watch will do for smart watches what the iPhone did for smartphones and the iPad did for tablets – and that’s a beat we can all dance to.
Wrist phone: a week with the Samsung Gear S smartwatch (Video)
With a 3G radio and a huge display, the Samsung Gear S smartwatch feels much like a wearable phone. Find out if the story stops there in our hands-on video!
3 terrible reasons I’m looking forward to the Gear S
Samsung’s newest smartwatch is capable of operating without the help of a smartphone, but should you care? Here’s 3 not-so-great reasons that I do.
Round is the new square: why circular smartwatches captivate us so
Most smartphones and even the current generation of smartwatches are rectangular. Why then do circular smartwatches captivate us? Why do we yearn for round?
I was wrong: the Martian Notifier smartwatch is pretty sweet (Video)
When we last laid hands on Martian’s new smartwatch, I dismissed it as too low-tech for my taste. See what’s changed my mind in our Martian Notifier review!
LG G Watch review: Android Wear’s undercooked Nexus (Video)
Android Wear’s debut device from LG is an understated block of glossy plastic that belies its significant potential. Find out more in our LG G Watch review!
augmented reality smartwatch
Could smartwatches finally make augmented reality attractive?
VR headsets look terrible and AR apps make you look goofy. We’re already wearing watches on our wrists. Could we soon see an augmented reality smartwatch?
Buy the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live right now in Google’s new Android Wear store
Google’s very first Android Wear smartwatches, the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, are up for purchase at the company’s web portal. Are you buying one?
Samsung Gear Fit review “pre-buttal” (Video)
Our Gear Fit review is forthcoming, but some of our impressions just can’t wait. Join us for a Pocketnow first: the Samsung Gear Fit review “pre-buttal.”
A less obtrusive smart watch: The Martian Notifier (video)
Find out how the Martian Notifier is a totally different take on the modern smart watch.
Why I never want to touch my phone again
Siri, Cortana, and Google Now could all combine to bring voice control into the mainstream making it feasible to never have to touch my phone again.
Why would I want a smart watch?
Read about the negative points that may keep you from investing in a smart watch.
Pocketnow Weekly 088: Moto 360, Android Wear, and hacking a path to Inbox Zero
Android Wear’s LG G Watch and Moto 360 watch pretty much blew our faces off this morning. Tune in to the podcast for our impressions on the new wearables!
Motorola announces Moto 360, a sweet circular smartwatch for this summer
With the Android Wear-powered Moto 360, Motorola may finally have delivered on the promise of a feature-packed smart watch that actually looks like a watch.
Samsung Gear 2 Neo: wrist-on and first impressions (Video)
The Gear 2 Neo may be the lesser-equipped of Samsung’s three new wearables, but the little Tizen watch still manages to bring plenty to the table.
Samsung Gear 2 vs Galaxy Gear: hands-on (Video)
Samsung dropped the ‘Galaxy’ moniker from its new smart watch, but it added a whole lot more. Find out what, in Samsung Gear 2 vs Galaxy Gear!
Galaxy Gear update review (Video)
Samsung’s wearable accessory can finally be called a “smart watch,” thanks to the MK7 upgrade. Find out how it performs in our Galaxy Gear update review!
Pocketnow Weekly 080: HTC M8 x, Galaxy Note 3 Neo, a $50 Motorola smartphone & a resurgent BlackBerry
“Our revels now are ended.” So it was in The Tempest, and so it is in the post-vacation world. HTC M8 x, Note 3 Neo, & much more in this week’s podcast!
Pocketnow Weekly 077: countdown to CES 2014!
If 2K screens, jumbo-tablets, and a crushing wave of smart watches are your bag, CES 2014 is the show for you. Our preview podcast tells you what to expect!
Smartwatches might be the new tablets – but I hope not
The coming smartwatch revolution has the potential to be as sweeping and rapid as the tablet’s rise to power – I just hope its eventual crash isn’t as ugly.