Google Assistant coming to Sonos speakers in the U.S. next week

Sonos is ready to launch Google Assistant to its smart speakers. The feature is arriving next week and it will initially only be available in the U.S.
samsung galaxy home

Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker still on its way, report suggests

The Samsung Galaxy Home is still nowhere to be seen after its announcement in August 2018, but reports suggest it should be around the corner.

Qualcomm’s more power-efficient chip for smart speakers debuts

The semiconductors company is bringing out new silicon for what it calls the “second generation” of smart speakers. What does it entail?

Spotify Connect soon to let free users play music from smart speakers

Smart speaker developers will be able to allow Spotify free tier users to direct their streaming from their PC or phone to their speaker.

Huawei totally takes over | IFA 2018 Daily: Day 1

A slew of announcement came from the Chinese tech giant today, but there are other wearables and phones to look out for from margin players.

Samsung makes the Bixby speaker known as Galaxy Home

It turned out that Samsung used 160 of these smart speakers to power the presentation at its venue. But sound isn’t the only asset this speaker has.

Google says Lenovo Smart Display now in stores

Putting a screen on a Google Home is just like putting one on an Echo speaker. It’s now available on store shelves and online.

More than a million people a month buy an Alexa speaker or Google Home

43 million adults in the US are now estimated to own at least one smart speaker. And people are using their smart speakers to buy more stuff.

Google Home, Pixel 2 XL and more are on sale

It’s a summer sale going on through July 17 Pacific Time and it involves smart speakers, over-the-top TV dongles and a whole lot more Google.

$20 BOGO discount for a pair of Google Home Mini speakers

Two Google Home Mini speakers used to cost $98. Then they cost $78. Now, they’re only going to cost $58. That matches the all-time low price on the smart speaker.
free Apple HomePod

iOS 11.4 featuring AirPlay 2 roll out today, HomePod spreads

tvOS will be able to route Apple TV sound output to compatible AirPlay 2 speakers, such as the HomePod. Speaking of, it’s going to be available in three more countries soon.

Would a Beats HomePod do better than Apple’s HomePod?

Supply chain whispers claim that it would go for around half the current price of the HomePod. Will it make a dent and appeal to a younger core audience?

Fewer than 600,000 HomePod shipments in first quarter

The overall market grew a fair bit with the most improvement coming from Google. Still, it’s Amazon that’s pummeling Apple.

Google Home Mini goes $10 off list, while two-packs score $40 discounts

You have until May 13 to purchase a Google Home Mini smart speaker from the search giant’s US e-store at $39 instead of $49, or you can get two units in exchange for just $58.

Google Home gets BOGO discounts in the US and Canada

If you’re thinking about getting a smart speaker, especially from Google, you might just want to buy two and take advantage of some savings.

KGI undercuts HomePod consensus with 2.5 million sales in 2018

The market expects 7 million sales in the calendar year and the best that Ming-chi Kuo, renowned Apple analyst, can muster is 2.5 million.

Apple’s HomePod is in trouble, with weak sales so far and inventory ‘piling up’

If it wasn’t already abundantly clear, suppliers and analysts have confirmed Apple’s HomePod struggles in a Bloomberg report, with sales significantly below internal expectations.

Amazon Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 updated with hands-free Alexa

The cheaper Fire tablets now can take in Alexa requests just by your asking them with your voice. Plug it in and they can even be asleep when you’re poking them!

Google’s own in-house ‘smart display’ could come soon to take on Amazon’s Echo Show

After setting up the Smart Display software platform, under which Lenovo, JBL and LG products have been unveiled already, Google might also be thinking of releasing its very own Amazon Echo Show rival.

Bluetooth speakers can now link to Google Home speakers

Perhaps you prefer the sound of one of your other Bluetooth speakers to the Google Home Mini? Or you just need that added boost.

Amazon Echo speakers take 66 percent of US smart speaker market

But with only just over a third of US households having a smart speaker, how does the market grow from here? Kantar Worldpanel has a few thoughts.

Amazon Echo products, Fire tablets on big discounts only today

Several popular Amazon items are 20 percent off or more today, March 22. Why? Amazon loves to keep that reputation up with its customers.

Google Assistant Shopping Actions may finally compete with a core Alexa feature

But Shopping Actions are also integrated on the search app level as well as with Google Express for the rush delivery crowd.

European Sony Xperia XZ2 pre-orders come with some valuable freebies

Early Sony Xperia XZ2 adopters in the UK can get a free PlayStation VR headset or PlayStation 4 console, while in Germany, you can choose from a list of five possible gifts.

Jobs posted for Spotify hardware projects

Nothing about these postings define the product in question, which Spotify is eager to put out but has yet to confirm anything about.