Amazon unveils $120 Fire TV Cube streaming media player with Alexa

Pricier than a standard Fire TV or Echo smart speaker, Amazon’s new Fire TV Cube basically brings the two together with hands-free Alexa voice support.

Google splits search and AI operations as ex-division chief joins Apple to reboot Siri

Apple is looking to step up its AI efforts with the help of Google’s former machine learning and search division head, while the search giant is splitting the two operations and promoting a couple of veteran employees.

Google Assistant can basically do anything in TV ads starring John Legend, Sia and Kevin Durant

To prove how serious an Alexa and Siri competitor it’s already become, Google Assistant has booked several A-list celebrities to highlight its strengths.

Wireless Sony Xperia Ear Duo headset starts at $280 with Dual Listening support

The Sony Xperia Ear Duo is truly a one-of-a-kind wireless headset, supporting both Google Assistant and Siri while welcoming outside noise instead of trying to cancel it.

Google Assistant goes truly global, with multilingual support, Routines and deeper OEM integrations

Google is making an early MWC 2018 start, unveiling a whole bunch of Assistant upgrades, including new languages, Routines, and a dedicated Assistant Mobile OEM program.

Alexa loses her voice only to find a new one in star-studded Amazon Super Bowl ad

Amazon appears to have subtly revealed in a Super Bowl commercial starring an army of celebrities that Alexa is getting a new, warmer, more natural voice.

Samsung reportedly wants its Bixby smart speaker to launch in H1 2018 at around $200

Reportedly put on hold a little while back, Samsung’s (not so) secret Bixby smart speaker project is advancing, eyeing for a launch in 2018’s first half.
Samsung Bixby

You can (partially) disable the Galaxy S8 and Note 8’s Bixby key now with no workarounds

Samsung is probably never going to allow official Bixby button remapping, but at least you no longer need tricks to limit accidental AI activations.

Samsung ‘thinks’ it can sell 11 million+ Galaxy Note 8 units, Chinese Bixby is nearly completed

Even with the iPhone 8 around the corner and the Galaxy S8 duo still selling like hotcakes, Samsung wants and believes in great Galaxy Note 8 numbers.

Lenovo gives ‘sneak peek’ at IFA 2017 ‘product launch’, no new devices in sight

We still have no idea what exactly is Lenovo planning to unveil at IFA 2017, apart from an “old” Smart Assistant and Windows Holographic VR headset.

Facebook’s first smart speaker could go for the Echo Show’s jugular with massive 15-inch screen

“Instead” of voice recognition functionality, Facebook’s rookie smart speaker effort is tipped to focus on a gargantuan 15-inch display.

Facebook Messenger starts showing AI-powered suggestions on Android and iOS

It took quite a while for Facebook Messenger to officially join the AI game, with the M digital assistant available now in the US.
Samsung Bixby overview

It’s not as tricky as you think to make the Galaxy S8’s Bixby button launch Google Assistant

No root needed, no extremely complicated Galaxy S8 tinkering, and just a few hoops to jump through, then bam, Google Assistant replaces Bixby.

Huawei will reportedly make its own voice assistant mainly aimed at domestic phone users

What do Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Nokia and Huawei have in common? Soon enough, their own digital assistants, rumor has it.

LG G6 rumored as the first non-Pixel phone with pre-loaded Google Assistant

Instead of incorporating its very own voice assistant, like Samsung’s Galaxy S8, the fast-approaching LG G6 should come with Google Assistant out the box.

Lenovo joins forces with Amazon to unveil Echo-contending Smart Assistant

Lenovo Smart Assistant is the fitting name of an admittedly unexpected new Amazon Echo rival/stepsibling, Alexa support, smart home controls and all.