Samsung denied appeal against Apple in “Slide to Unlock” patent fight
After the Supreme Court attempt was swatted down, the decision is final: Samsung must pay Apple $120 million for infringing on two patents.
Apple requests SCOTUS decision against Samsung on patent validity
Four years post the initial ruling against Samsung, Apple still wants that company to pay its patent design infringement damages to the brim.
Rest Finger to Unlock gets into iOS 10 beta 2
Slide to Unlock was replaced with Press Home to Unlock in the first developer beta of iOS 10. People complained. Apple responded with a change for beta 2.
Slide to Unlock replaced with Press Home to Unlock on iOS 10
Slide to the right no more. If changes seen in the iOS 10 developer preview hold as they are, you’ll have to press home to unlock.
Apple v. Samsung: Sales ban granted, but only for brownie points
It’s a sales ban granted, but a sales ban not had. Apple wins an injunction against Samsung on three patents, but is it all penny wise and pound foolish?
Apple’s “swipe to unlock” patent just got ditched by German court
Learn more about a patent battle that Apple has apparently lost to Motorola, as it seems that Swipe to Unlock is not anything more than a convenience