Skype now lets you make a call without sign up or app download
Skype now lets you start a video call by just creating a link and sharing it with people, without anyone having to sign up or download the app.
Radiofrequency-powered cellphone has no battery, no plug
In addition to those waves, photodiodes also help in collecting ambient light to power a barebones phone through a phone call through Skype.
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Galaxy S8 hands-on
Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Microsoft Edition also coming April 21 with Microsoft ‘customization’
Office, OneDrive, Cortana, Outlook and “more” productivity-focused apps are pre-installed on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition.
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Windows 10 Mobile has caused Microsoft’s market share to plummet. Maybe they should have kept going with Windows Phone 8.x for a while longer.
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