Skype now lets you make a call without sign up or app download
Skype now lets you start a video call by just creating a link and sharing it with people, without anyone having to sign up or download the app.
Radiofrequency-powered cellphone has no battery, no plug
In addition to those waves, photodiodes also help in collecting ambient light to power a barebones phone through a phone call through Skype.
Hop: how instant messaging should have been done decades ago
There’s no reason to have more than one way to send electronic text messages between people over the internet. Hop upgrades the most widely-used and accessible method with modern chat functions.
Galaxy S8 hands-on
Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Microsoft Edition also coming April 21 with Microsoft ‘customization’
Office, OneDrive, Cortana, Outlook and “more” productivity-focused apps are pre-installed on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition.
Maybe Microsoft should have kept updating Windows Phone 8.1
Windows 10 Mobile has caused Microsoft’s market share to plummet. Maybe they should have kept going with Windows Phone 8.x for a while longer.
All your Moto Z questions answered, and Encryption “Responsibility” | Pocketnow Weekly 210
All of your Moto Z questions will be answered, and we chat about corporate responsibility for encryption on episode 210 of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast!
Skype dropping Windows Phone support in October, leaves more than 80 percent of user base behind
Skype will drop support for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 in October. The news is leaving some users and developers piping mad.
Xiaomi agrees to pre-load Office and Skype on its phones in exchange for Microsoft patents
Xiaomi and Microsoft will take their partnership to the next level, the latter selling the former a bunch of patents to get Office and Skype on more phones.
Skype for Business preview lands on iOS & Android – what about Windows 10?
The slow roll towards the debut of Windows 10 Mobile continues as the…
Here’s what you’ll lose when Skype for Modern Windows stops working (if it hasn’t already)
Do you use Skype for modern Windows on a tablet or PC? There’s a lot of nice features that will be going away soon if they haven’t already.
Microsoft Work and Play bundle returns, with big savings on subscription services
Check out the return of the Microsoft Work and Play bundle, with more than $400 worth of subscription services.
Microsoft inks deals with Android OEMs to pre-install apps and services
New deals mean that Microsoft pre-installed software will soon be popping up on phones and tablets from a dozen new OEMs.
Skype thinks 3D phones are the future for some reason
Read about how Skype’s vision for 3D video calls of the future sounds like something that might have been cool in 2010.
The future of voice communication: VoIP, cellular, or Skype?
The mobile landscape is quickly changing. More users are communicating by way of video or text. Read on to learn what the future of voice calling holds!
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Learn about why the lack of a standard video chat protocol is holding mobile devices back — and how Google may be trying to remedy that.
Skype for Android Tablets Adds Portrait-Mode Video Chat Support
Discover what changes are in store for Skype users on Android tablets.
What Microsoft’s Transition of Windows Live Messenger to Skype Means
Windows Live Messenger is going the way of the dodo, with Microsoft moving its user base over to Skype. What does this mean for the company, and its users?
Four Reasons Video Calling Is Horrible
Smartphone and tablet video calling hasn’t really caught on. Here’s four ridiculously simple reasons why.