Skype now lets you make a call without sign up or app download

Skype now lets you start a video call by just creating a link and sharing it with people, without anyone having to sign up or download the app.

Microsoft patents folding phone dock — that’s a folding dock for phones

No, it’s not a folding phone. Does it matter anymore that Microsoft isn’t doing anything in its own mobile hardware sandbox? This thing is supposed to work with an iPhone.

Cortana now inside Skype on Android and iOS apps

Cortana can do a lot of what Google Assistant can do on Allo. But instead, it’s Skype. Is it trying hard enough to convert it into a general chat app?

Skype gains convenient Send Money functionality for PayPal transfers on Android and iOS

PayPal just made it easier for IM and video chat addicts to exchange money on mobile devices with direct Skype Android and iOS app integration.

Radiofrequency-powered cellphone has no battery, no plug

In addition to those waves, photodiodes also help in collecting ambient light to power a barebones phone through a phone call through Skype.

Microsoft is reformatting Skype and is clearing away older apps

How is Skype being shaped? Why, like Snapchat, of course! Stickers, shortform video loops and a whole lot more is coming your way on the big platforms.

Hop: how instant messaging should have been done decades ago

There’s no reason to have more than one way to send electronic text messages between people over the internet. Hop upgrades the most widely-used and accessible method with modern chat functions.
Galaxy S8 hands-on

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Microsoft Edition also coming April 21 with Microsoft ‘customization’

Office, OneDrive, Cortana, Outlook and “more” productivity-focused apps are pre-installed on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition.

Maybe Microsoft should have kept updating Windows Phone 8.1

Windows 10 Mobile has caused Microsoft’s market share to plummet. Maybe they should have kept going with Windows Phone 8.x for a while longer.

Microsoft’s fastest and smallest ever Android app is Skype Lite for India

Skype Lite follows in the footsteps of similarly frugal Facebook, Messenger and Shazam derivations, catering specifically to the Indian market for now.

Skype lightens the load with Mingo, unreleased app in alpha on Play Store

The new app was clearly made with developing countries in mind, where mobile data economics leave many having to work with SMS and cell calls.

Lenovo is the latest Android OEM to allow pre-loads of select Microsoft apps

Select Lenovo and Motorola-branded Android smartphones will feature pre-installed Microsoft apps including Office, OneDrive and Skype before long.

All your Moto Z questions answered, and Encryption “Responsibility” | Pocketnow Weekly 210

All of your Moto Z questions will be answered, and we chat about corporate responsibility for encryption on episode 210 of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast!

Skype dropping Windows Phone support in October, leaves more than 80 percent of user base behind

Skype will drop support for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 in October. The news is leaving some users and developers piping mad.

One-tap access to bots on Skype now with iOS app

One tap on Skype and you’ll get in touch with a service that’ll help you determine your future or get you a spot at that hot restaurant in town.

Xiaomi agrees to pre-load Office and Skype on its phones in exchange for Microsoft patents

Xiaomi and Microsoft will take their partnership to the next level, the latter selling the former a bunch of patents to get Office and Skype on more phones.

Facebook Messenger Group Calling is a free challenger to Skype

Facebook is going after a whole bunch of VoIP services with the debut of Messenger’s new group calling feature on iOS and Android.

Microsoft promptly reacts to Japan and Ecuador earthquakes with free Skype calls

Domestic and international Skype calls to Japan and Ecuador are free of charge for the next few days, as Microsoft reacts to recent earthquakes.

Microsoft’s vision for the future of computing is bots, bots, and more bots

See some examples of what’s possible with the new Microsoft bot framework and find out why the company sees these tools as the future of computing.

Microsoft strikes app-loading deal with Acer, 74th of its kind

The Office pool has grown just a bit larger. ASUS signed with…

Skype now hides your IP address by default on both desktop and mobile

Gaming-passionate and general security-concerned Skype users, rejoice: the video chat service no longer allows easy IP tracking based just on your ID.

Skype for iOS enhanced with 3D Touch options and video filters

Learn more about some of the new changes that Skype has just implemented on iOS, and that benefit the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus particularly

Deeper Skype integration on Android teased with Microsoft Dialer app

Learn more about how Microsoft plans to continue integrating its services onto other platforms like Android, as today we learn of a new one

Skype Translator will reach Skype for Windows soon

Learn more about you’ll soon be able to access Skype Translator from Windows computers in a more seamless way than the current separate app

Skype for Android and iOS loses the old Metro look and feel

Learn more about some of the changes launched on Skype 6.0 for iOS and Android, as Microsoft continues to prove that it hates its own Modern UI