Blass cuts into the grain with OnePlus 6 leak
The look of the device seems all normal until you notice what appears to be wood grain on the massive rear panel. What’s up?
dbrand Marble skins launch with storewide price slash
Marble skins have launched at dbrand’s store and the company is offering 30 percent off those skins and any others you want to buy until Thursday.
Why are there no smartwatch skins and is that a good thing?
Google has never allows OEMs to add smartwatch skins to Android Wear, and we can’t help but wonder if that’s a good thing or not. What do you think?
Review: Toast Real Wood Cover – Inlay Series for LG V10
There are a number of ways to customize a phone. If you’re into natural fiber solutions, the folks at Toast sent over a new real wood skin for the LG V10.
new phone new year
Ring in the New Year with a “New” Phone
It’s only January and we won’t see a new phone (of the flagship variant) for several months – but that won’t stop us from making our “old” phone feel new!
Sony’s stock-ish Android experiment is something every OEM should try
Sony is conducting a near-stock Android experiment, which is great for users and for Android. We wish all OEMs would pick up this mantle. Here’s why.
android themes
Themes are the best thing to happen to Android in years
A good way to add personality to your phone is by applying a theme. In recent years, doing so has been easier said than done – but that could be changing.
What is your favorite Android skin?
OEM skins are everywhere. Which one is your favorite Android skin? Our editors sound off and look for your input as well. Check it out here.
dbrand iPhone 6 skin review (Video)
Want to protect your phone from scratches and scuffs but don’t want a case? Watch our review of the dbrand iPhone 6 skin to see if it fits the bill!
dbrand Nexus 5 skin review (Video)
The dbrand Nexus 5 skin highlighted in our giveaway is just one of many vinyl variants available from the company. Learn how well they work in our review!
Smartphone giveaway: win a custom 32GB Nexus 5 from Pocketnow and dbrand!
For our 2014 Nexus 5 giveaway, we’re partnered with dbrand to offer not just a 32GB Nexus 5, but also five precision vinyl skins to customize it. Enter now!
Samsung spitballing: what might TouchWiz 6 look like?
Samsung’s Android UI, or “skin,” has never won many popularity contests. Read our speculation on what the company might bring to the table in TouchWiz 6.
Facebook Home’s Mission Contradicts Facebook’s Wishes
Facebook debunked rumors that they were producing a Facebook phone citing their inability to reach a significant percentage of their userbase that way. They they unveiled their plan which will be just as limiting, but will not require hardware.