Best Buy starts selling Google Fi SIMs, talk-and-text-only service

Google Fi is expanding its ground game from nonexistent to more than 500 Best Buy locations in the United States with SIM card sales.

First SIM hijacker to be sentenced to 10 years in prison

SIM hijacking has become a serious issue and the authorities believe that the first SIM hijacker will be convicted on March 4.

Big Four US carriers create Mobile Authentication Taskforce in search for a unified method

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are apparently all in for a unified authentication method to better and more efficiently verify user information.

A rare breed: Sony Xperia XZ Premium Dual has separate microSD slot

Dual SIM phones usually have a hybrid slot for a possible microSD card. Sony has been more progressive in giving more connectivity and memory options.

Reddit feels “Un-Thanked” with T-Mobile SIM fee hike

#GetThanked? #Uncarrier? Not when T-Mobile goes around charging $25 for a SIM kit, which is essentially an activation fee — so says Reddit.

Pixel SIM tray has Google’s address imprinted on it

It’s the Friday after the Google Pixel has gone on sale, so here’s something you can enjoy on your coffee break: an Easter egg address.

Tim Cook firms denial of Apple MVNO ambitions

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company lacks the expertise to build and run an MVNO. But surely it could just get some, right? What gives?

Embedded Apple SIM in new 9.7-inch iPad Pro is unsurprisingly confusing

Get the lowdown on how the embedded Apple SIM in the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro works, and when you might still need to pop in your own SIM card.

Data-only Microsoft SIM card soon to come for Windows 10 Mobile users

Microsoft will soon allow Windows 10 Mobile users to buy data from national networks in the US. Will there be more cellular moves by the company?
No more SIMs?

Why do we still need SIM cards?

SIM cards, or Subscriber Identity Modules, go all the way back to the first GSM phones. Given how advanced today’s phones are, why do we still need them?

Opinions clash over severity of spy agency SIM card hack

Just how bad was the Gemalto SIM card hack, and what’s the extend of the possible fallout?

Spy agencies compromised world’s largest SIM card maker

Learn the extent to which a just-disclosed SIM card hack has left smartphone communications vulnerable to eavesdropping.

Why you won’t likely see an Apple SIM in the next iPhone

Apple explains why the Apple SIM has made its debut on the latest iPads, while steering clear of the iPhone itself.

AT&T spoils Apple’s multi-carrier SIM by locking it down

Find out what the AT&T Apple SIM lock means for the data service on your new iPad.
2019 smartphone shipments

IMEI, your phone, and you

What is an IMEI? How does it differ from your SIM? Learn about the various forms of identification networks use to make your cell phone work.