The Pocophone F1 is available in the US with big limitations
You can now buy a Pocophone F1 in the United States through some eBay sellers. Just be warned of its limitations before you buy one
Security & Privacy: Multifaceted Threats of the Deep State
Developers, I’m calling on you to publish a “canary”. Let us know that you HAVEN’T built exploits, weaknesses, threats or backdoors into your systems.
Facebook Messenger kicks off end-to-end encryption trial run
It’s not available for the masses just yet, but it can’t be long now, with Facebook Messenger officially in public end-to-end encryption testing stages.
WhatsApp completes Signal-driven encryption upgrades: end-to-end everywhere
Heavy-duty encryption for your chats just got a lot easier, thanks to a slew of new WhatsApp encryption upgrades.
CyanogenMod no longer supports WhisperPush, Signal app offered as alternative
CyanogenMod users concerned with security and message encryption should get ready to ditch WhisperPush for the voice and text-protecting Signal app.
Edward Snowden-approved Signal Private Messenger app lands on Android at last
Signal, the ultimate messaging encryption app, is available for Androids after a period of iOS exclusivity, gaining Edward Snowden’s vote of confidence.