FCC shutdown may impact smartphone launches, Sprint/T-Mobile merger

Could the government shutdown delay the launch of the Galaxy S10 as well as a review of the proposed merger of Sprint and T-Mobile?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature: Apple defends performance reductions on old iPhones

Apple has quickly reacted to iPhone slowdown accusations, admitting it intentionally put a cap on the 6, 6s, SE and 7 performance to “prolong their life.”

Apple is controversially limiting iPhone 6s and 7 CPU performance to reduce battery load

If you felt like a particular software update crippled the overall user experience on the iPhone 6s or 7, there’s now an explanation for that.

Inspired by Chinese Android phones, iOS 11 adds virtual power button feature

You can already lock your iPhone with a virtual home button, but you haven’t been able to shut it off if your power button’s all borked.

Google class action building on Nexus 6P bootloop, battery issues

“Do no evil” except by attrition? Many consumers facing problems with their Huawei-made Nexus 6P are left feeling uncared for.

Apple reduces incidence of iPhone 6 and 6s shutdowns with iOS 10.2.1 stability improvements

If you still experience random iPhone 6 or 6s shutdowns, Apple’s recently released iOS 10.2.1 may fix the problem or at least limit its impact.

Apple blames ‘ambient air’ for unexpected iPhone 6s shutdowns, still looking into some complaints

If your iPhone 6s was produced between September and October 2015, bricking issues may have been caused by overexposure to air. If not, just wait.

Twitter shutting down Vine, lays off 300 employees

The two announcements, which aren’t necessarily tied together nor mutually exclusive, continue the narrative of a struggle to profitability for Twitter.

Verizon CDMA to finally die (at least in one form) by 2020

The end of 2G is coming. Three and a half years, really. The 1xRTT network, which carries some voice and data traffic, is turning off.

Life On A Dying Network (Part 1)

Sprint has recently taken the first concrete steps toward obsoleting the iDEN network: it’s begun decommissioning the cell sites that provided excess Nextel coverage that’s no longer needed, and it’s stopped iDEN device sales. This gives us the unique opportunity to experience the shutdown of a nationwide network at the subscriber level.