iPhone X launch draws large crowds worldwide while online waiting times gradually get better

From Sydney to New York, and Beijing to London, the excitement surrounding the iPhone X is high, and online deliveries seem to be going well too.

Stacking up Moto Z2 Force availability and deals

Depending on what network you’re tied to or even where you’re buying your phone from, the price of a Moto Z2 Force and the perks that come with it vary.

Essential Phone shipments are behind schedule

The phone was supposed to ship with 30 days of its release, but we’re now well beyond day 31. Will the Essential Phone withstand?
BlackBerry KEYone

Verizon BlackBerry KEYone still to come for Best Buy shoppers

Amazon’s all backed up on Verizon-supported KEYone phones, so you might want to try your local Best Buy shortly — maybe even for in-store pickup.

Expensive AirPods made even more expensive from Amazon

At this stage, we don’t recommend buying a pair of AirPods unless you’re happy paying over MSRP or waiting weeks on weeks for them to arrive.

Clove takes first crack at Nokia 6, 5, 3, 3310 with pricing and availability

The UK-based mobile tech outlet expects most of these phones to land sometime in June. The famed 3310 rebirth is coming in more expensive than expected.

Clove gives guidance on BlackBerry KEYone availability in UK

Retailers have been listing May 5 for their first ship date, but Clove Technology claims that the KEYone is in short supply through the back of the month.

US getting Sony Xperia XA1 on May 1

The typical suspects will be stocking and selling this mid-range Sony phone with a 23-megapixel main camera for about $300.

A T-Mobile Galaxy S8 shipped today and so did a Galaxy S8+

We aren’t sure when the package will land on the doorstep, but if it’s anytime before April 19, T-Mobile will have kept its promise.

Galaxy S8 gets first-party enhanced warranty with Samsung Premium Care

Samsung begins selling devices, financing and services direct to consumers, but not unlocked devices. There’s also that “Guard S8” program we’ve heard.

Blass scores dated LG G6 renders to back up April 7 US launch

When you are looking for clues for “when,” always look first to the phone’s screen for a date. Then, make sure to see if it lands on the same calendar year.

UK sees Sony Xperia XZ Premium pre-orders indicating June movement

Hopes that the phone may come in May have been dispelled, leaving more of a gap for whatever competitors in between the Galaxy S8 and June to disrupt.

Wireless BeatsX on Amazon may take up to two months to ship

Apple’s having a hard time of selling its AirPods and Beats is feeling the same pinch with its BeatsX. Unfortunately, that pain’s spreading around.

AT&T and Verizon have AirPods to sell, but you have to catch a batch

If you’re looking to grab a pair of Apple’s wireless earbuds quick and fast, keep tuned to AT&T and Verizon in the morning.

T minus 2 days until HTC U Ultra ships to the US

Warehouses in several territories around the world have packed and sent the HTC U Ultra to awaiting customers. The US gets its turn on Thursday.

AirPods by Christmas? Tim Cook may have assured a customer in an email

In a supposed email to a customer, the CEO of Apple mentioned that the company’s first pair of wireless earbuds would ship “over the next few weeks.”

AirPods may skip Black Friday, ship in December

Barclays Research analysts believe that Apple will only have up to 15 million units ready to ship in a month. Pre-orders are already piled.

Retail employee prevents cancellation of AirPod sale by spilling shipping date

It’s been several weeks and people are still waiting to see if their $159 they paid for a couple of wireless earbuds gets something on.

HTC handling Pixel after-sales care in India

The Pixel will be imported into over 1,000 stores in India over the next few weeks as pre-orders on Flipkart take place. HTC fulfills the warranty.

Canadian retailer NCIX offers BlackBerry DTEK60 for $700, says product arrives October 11

The Canadian tech retailer is expecting stock to come in on October 11. That’s despite nothing else purporting that to be the case.

ZTE Axon 7 sales officially begin, keeps $399.98 price tag

It’s another unlocked phone being offered in the US by ZTE and it’s $50 cheaper than what the company tried out last year. Will it sell?

First batch of Turing Phones shipping July 12

The date is set for July 12. What happens then is still anyone’s guess, granted Turing’s tendency to blow past deadline after deadline.

Pre-ordered a T-Mobile Galaxy S7? It may fast be on your way

The T-Mobile subreddit has been abuzz about the Galaxy S7. Early pre-orders look like they are about to be rewarded with an early fulfillment.

Saygus tweetstorms on the V2’s Snapdragon 801 and an unreliable ODM

After a slew of problems from parts providers and manufacturers, Saygus has now taken the reins of building its own phone. It’s still late for shipments.

Apple Store will ship next day for free if you’re shopping on December 23

Apple is rolling in the dough and it wants to show that’s…